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... I called my dr today and that is what she said too,I used a brand new bottle, she has been telling her patients to do this for 25 yrs and has NEVER come across an infant botulism case (12 replies)
... I saw a show talking about babies and the karo syrup. They said the risk is mostly if you've had a bottle sitting in your cabinet for eons because the spores grow in it. ... (12 replies)
... lot of people give this to their babies if they're constipated, but if you used Karo that's sitting back in the cupboard that hasn't been used for awhile, it can get mold in it, can also run the risk of botulism. ... (13 replies)

... You can look at the CDCs website for info on the icecream. I know it sounds nuts, but I swear it's really true! As for the allergy thing, I was reading about this recently, that most allergies show up in white, middle to upper class families. ... (13 replies)
... I just had this problem and did lots of reading on it too, the simplest way add 1teaspoon of sugar to their food. It works the same way as giving them the syrup without the worry. ... (12 replies)
... Well Isaiah is ONE MONTH old today can you believe it! Holy Moly that flew by! he was wide awake today for the first time and even cooing it is sooo cute! His poop has been kinda hard latley since the formula change.. ... (43 replies)
... Usually nursing babies dont get constipated. I know my little guy gets really bad gas pains so I help him by pumping his legs, that really gets the gas and poop out. ... (4 replies)
... f vasoline. She always goes in about 1 hour. I'm not sure if you were breast feeding or bottle. I am bottle feeding and the Dr. told me that it is totally normal for a baby to skip a day while bottle feeding. I know it's frustrating cause the babies can be so irritable. ... (12 replies)
... In a 2000 article, you stated that 1 tsp of light Karo syrup mixed with 4 oz of water would assist your infant in having a softer bowel movement. Well I did that and I gave my infant some. ... (13 replies)
... Unfortunately, he became constipated. Soy is notorious for this because the proteins are different. I was told by the ped. that it takes longer for babies who have been breastfed to adjust to soy because they are so used to the ease of breastfed poops. ... (7 replies)
... At first, I did use the dark Karo syrup. I put about two tablespoons in every other bottle for a about two days or until she had a bowel movement. Sometimes they were very hard too...but my baby wasn't fussy, so I didn't worry too much. ... (24 replies)
... I have had the same issues with my one year old since he was very small. We were told in the beginning that we could use a little Karo syrup in his bottle twice a day, I don't remember how much it was now. ... (6 replies)
... our pediatrician recommended Karo syrup and I checked its safety on the manufacturers website. They stated that they will not guarantee the safety for use in babies. ... (8 replies)
... just asking cause i have read and heard that breastfed babies don't get constipated... ... (10 replies)
... A couple of teaspoons of dark Karo syrup in every other bottle will also help with your dd's constipation. My four month old's poopies are usually formed and very small...not to get to icky. ... (6 replies)
... d to the Soy formula and it seemed to help a bit. Apple juice can be binding at times and may make the problem worse with some kids, others it helps. Try using Karo syrup in the bottles. It should help. ... (6 replies)
Jun 6, 2006
... My mom said they made her formula out of karo syrup and evaporated milk. Does this sound okay to you? ... (19 replies)

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