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... Here's what I did during our constipation struggles, from about 4 to 9 months. Once she was able to stand and hold on to something to poop, the constipation disappeared. She was actually holding it when she had to go before and that steadily backed her up and resulted in constipation. ... (12 replies)
Karo Syrup...Help!
Feb 28, 2006
... is this going to cause a problem you think? ... (12 replies)
... If you know for sure your lo is constipated, the karo will usually work. However, you shouldn't use often cause you do not want them to become dependant on it to poop, but for a once in a while thing it should be fine. I do not remeber how much to put in. ... (4 replies)

... My pediatrician told me i could put an ounce of prune juice in the bottle with the formula. Or I used a teaspoon of light karo syrup per 2 ozs of formula. Also glycerin suppositories work. All of these methods were doctor recommended to me and were effective. ... (4 replies)
... Clear Karo syrup in the bottle will work too. ... (8 replies)
... Hi Brooke! Im no expert, but Im thinking its probably just his system adjusting to the mostly formula rather than BM. Take into account the switch from milk based to soy and my guess would be that he is just a little backed up. ... (8 replies)
... I just had this problem and did lots of reading on it too, the simplest way add 1teaspoon of sugar to their food. It works the same way as giving them the syrup without the worry. ... (12 replies)
... I also have used the glycerin suppositories when it's super super bad, but kids can become reliant on them for sensation and a signal to "go". I don't agree with the Karo syrup thing simply because I'm not a sugar advocate, but hey, if that works for you, give it a try. ... (2 replies)
... Unfortunately, apple juice can also be a constipator. True story. That's why they tell you to do the BRAT for diarrhea. ... (12 replies)
... mixed with water. I have a 4 month old and give him an ounce of prune juice mixed with an ounce of water twice a day. Your daughter is older and might be able to take more. Have you tried giving her veggies and fruit solid foods? ... (2 replies)
... our pediatrician recommended Karo syrup and I checked its safety on the manufacturers website. They stated that they will not guarantee the safety for use in babies. ... (8 replies)
Pooper problems
Nov 11, 2005
... My doctor told me to give my daughter karo syrup. She is 5 mo. old and she didn't poop for 7 days. He felt her tummy and could tell that she didn't have poop stuck in her, so he told me to give her 1 tsp of Karo syrup in her bottle 3 times a day to keep her regulated. Now she is pooping great. ... (8 replies)
... teaspoons in every formula bottle, regardless of size, and adjust the dose up or down depending on how things are going. Usually, the baby can be weaned off the Karo pretty soon, but may need to stay on it periodically for the first few months of life. ... (2 replies)
Is He Constipated?
Nov 11, 2005
... Try Karo syrup...My doctor told me to give my DD 1 tsp in her bottle 3 times a day. It really helps. I did it for 3 day and then for 2 day I only gave her 1 tsp. ... (2 replies)
... Well Isaiah is ONE MONTH old today can you believe it! Holy Moly that flew by! he was wide awake today for the first time and even cooing it is sooo cute! His poop has been kinda hard latley since the formula change.. ... (43 replies)
... At first, I did use the dark Karo syrup. I put about two tablespoons in every other bottle for a about two days or until she had a bowel movement. Sometimes they were very hard too... ... (24 replies)
... We saw the pediatrician today. She suggested that we go ahead with the soy milk formula. So far, so good. Now, we just have to see if she will continue eating it and if she can poop. ... (24 replies)
... weeks old and we really need to find a formula that doesn't cause constipation. We have figured out that this is why she is pulling her legs up to her belly, arching her back, fussing, groaning, screaming at times, and can't sleep. She is able to keep her feedings in her and spit up isn't a big problem. ... (24 replies)
... she did get somewhat constipated. We were used to her pooping twice a day. Once she was on the soy, it was once a day and sometimes once every other day. ... (6 replies)

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