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... Keeping babies awake wont help them sleep at night. Could quite possibly make it harder for them to sleep if kept awake. ... (4 replies)
... he day and as bland as possible during the night, I found it helped to dress him a little cooler in the day. He's warm enough but the cool air on his skin helps keep him awake. Warm jammies on at night. I also make his bottles a little smaller in the daytime. ... (62 replies)
... Look I Have 3 Kids That All Were Born Very Soon After Each Other When My Last Was Born My Daughter Was 3 My Son Was 17 Months So I Had 3 3 And Under I Had To Have A Hysteractomy By The Time I Was 30 So I Had To Do It Fast But Anyway As Any Other Mother Of More Then 1 Child Would Know It Is Very Very Hard For You To Wake Up And Whatnot Though The Night But Hey That Is What... (12 replies)

... I can't stay on long today, but I would be grateful for any advice on how to keep a baby awake in the day time. ... (62 replies)
... t for a bit then left the room, I only had to go in 2 times to put his sucky back in and then he fell for his nap I put him in his crib tired but awake and I only had to go in once before he fell asleep so he is getting better. Well, I gotta go we are going to visit a friend of mine so I'll chat with you soon. ... (466 replies)
... Does anyone have any tricks that have worked for you w/ babies that sleep all day and stay up at night. I know this usually get better w/ time as their sleeping cycle matures, but I'd rather not wait that long. In one of my books it said that it's not best to keep babies up in the evening b/c if they're too tired they won't sleep well either. thanks :wave: (7 replies)
... g to miss going through that all again but hopefully no matter how old our little ones get or how many more little ones you all add to your families, we'll still keep track of one another. ... (466 replies)
... mber lying in the O.R. being prepped and unable to speak. I remember trying to ask where my husband was. Finally someone in the O.R. went to get him. They had to keep talking to me to keep me awake. I am not to sure if being that out of it is normal. ... (466 replies)
... We are trying to keep Tatum awake today. She is still so confused about her days and nights. The nights are really rough! ... (250 replies)
October Babies!!
Nov 3, 2005
... ine is doing the exact same thing! My Dr said to make sure he got some daylight every morning when he woke up and to try taking him on a walk around the block to keep him awake and recognize that as morning. Wed been doing that for the past 4 days and finally last night, he slept a normal night and woke up at a normal time! ... (105 replies)
... Babies keep you very busy through out the day and night. There usually is not a lot of time to even think of sleep during the day. Little ones poop and pee a lot. ... (9 replies)
... e one night I tried it and he ripped his diaper off and peed on everything. His room is right next to my 12 yo daughters room and she has school so I feel I must keep him quiet same with dh I try not to wake him up at night either and it's hard with a baby screaming at the top of his lungs what seems like every hour or less. ... (21 replies)
... her own room is really a personnal preference. I have 5 children and i always kept my babies in the bassinet next to my bed, I did this probably longer than most people do! lol I just felt more comfortable with the baby right there by me. ... (9 replies)
... e. He still goes to bed by 9 sharp. That has it's pros and cons. It's nice since he puts himself to sleep no matter what, you just have to lie him in the crib awake and he's out. What's kind of bad is that we would like to get him to sleep a little later so he sleeps past 6 in the a.m. but keeping him awake is impossible. ... (62 replies)
... I also wish he would be more awake at times during the day. ... (3 replies)
... I asked our Ped about this, and he said around 6 months the babies start dreaming a lot, so that could be the problem. He said they sleep very lightly because of this. ... (21 replies)
... plus the few times I have tried CIO they don't sleep well at all. I always feel that neither get the attention they want because there are two of them so I just keep working with them. They were sleeping in our bed a lot up until a couple weeks ago, but since I am pregnant again I asked my PED for suggestions. ... (5 replies)
... Some babies just seem to have their days and nights turned around. My first daughter slept most of the day and was awake most of the night. The second one kept a regular schedule. ... (2 replies)
... Well Isaiah is ONE MONTH old today can you believe it! Holy Moly that flew by! he was wide awake today for the first time and even cooing it is sooo cute! His poop has been kinda hard latley since the formula change.. ... (43 replies)
... ups after 4 am, which is very welcome! I can keep putting her back to sleep for as long as I want but I usually end up getting her up some time between 8 and 9. ... (62 replies)

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