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... but he was eating more than 32oz of formula and would still be hungry. he has been advanced in physical an mental developement since birth. he held up his head at the hospital and was using a jumparoo by 6weeks. teething since 7weeks. he is very healthy and happy. ... (2 replies)
... especially when it comes to babies and feeding. My daughter was having rice cereal in two bottles a day when she was 4 weeks old, and then was actually being spoon fed rice cereal at 2 months old. ... (4 replies)
Rice cereal?
Nov 2, 2010
... p or vomit if he ate just the formula because it was too much liquid, and he would be hungry just an hour later even with a 6 or 8 oz bottle. he started teething at 7weeks. ... (6 replies)

... i started my first on rice cereal at around 2 months for the same reason, but it really didn't help her not spit up.... she did start sleeping longer though! ... (11 replies)
... My DS is 4.5 months old and he hated rice cereal at first, so what i did was mixed up 2 teaspoons of rice cereal with 2 teaspoons of sweet potatoes another food he hated along with enough forumula to make it runny, and he ate it right up. ... (3 replies)
... I gave our son cereal at 2 weeks in the bottle per the Dr cause he was eating 6oz every 2hrs. Well today he is 4 months and has been having rice creeal with fruit for breakfast, veggies for lunch and rice with another fruit for dinner, along with bottles since he was 2.5 months! He LOVES it!! ... (10 replies)
... Back in the old days my grandmother said that people always started giving infants rice cereal at 2 weeks and started solids way before it is recomended these days. They even made their own formula out of all kinds of crazy ingredients. ... (19 replies)
... No...7 weeks is way too early. 4 months was when I started my son on rice cereal. By 5 months he was eating a lot more and drinking a lot less! ... (12 replies)
... I had to supplement my milk with formula and rice cereal. ... (6 replies)
... d out well. I cant honestly say that I trusted her judgement over anyone else. Even though she is gone now and its 12 yrs later I still follow her advice. DD had cereal at 1 month and 1st stage food at 2 months. She was never obese or sick. She always did well. ... (9 replies)
... hours. And it's 2 hours from when they started the last feeding. So if you fed him at 8 a.m. ... (14 replies)
Ok I give up!
Feb 13, 2006
... Yes I know. I still think it is too early. I didn't see anything about the baby having reflux. Maybe I need to go back and re-read it. (16 replies)
Ok I give up!
Feb 13, 2006
... mom, her son is 4.5 months old, she did the rice cereal at 2 months, not the jarred food. some docs give babies the cereal early for reflux reasons. ... (16 replies)
... nce my first was born. it goes back and forth all the time! sometimes the "experts" say 4 months, sometimes the "experts" say 6 months.... they never all agree at the same time either! it gets so confusing, i kind of tend to block out what the experts say and do my own thing. ... (15 replies)
... around his mouth, and I, like you, assumed it was from me scooping the cereal off his face with the spoon. ... (15 replies)
... I was told that formula fed babies may begin having rice cereal at 4 months. Also when they are drinking close to 30 ounces of formula it is time to give them rice cereal. Thats what my son was doing. drinking a lot of formula and since he was 4 months old I began giving him rice creal gradually. ... (14 replies)
... He's also on jar fruits and veggies. Though he prefers fruits more so at the moment. ... (5 replies)
... My baby is 3 months old and we just started rice cereal in her formula. ... (11 replies)
... My ds is 2 and half months old. Recently he began pulling at his ears during feedings. I'm just wondering if he just "found" his ears and is playing with them or is it possible he somehow got a ear infection? ... (9 replies)
Cereal and solids
Apr 19, 2006
... At four months I started rice cereal. ... (7 replies)

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