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... Savanna's ped said the exact same thing I veg 1 fruit and rice 3 times a day. But she still does not want to eat that third time. And I have to mix rice in with veggies cause she refuses to eat that stuff. But I have been giving her stage 2 and it is easier to feed cause its a bit thicker. she is 6 months old. ... (12 replies)
First meal!!!
Nov 29, 2005
... I was always told to do rice cereal plain for about a month, 2x a day. ... (10 replies)
... Yeah I figured packing some boxes would scare him and he might take me seriously, he did and was great for 2 weeks, but messed up again this weekend, so I told him he no longer has a choice he has to do counselling as that is my last resort. ... (466 replies)

... Well, I tried the bottle before bed with a bit of cereal in it, but as usual Kaden refuses to drink from anything except his Mommy! ... (466 replies)
... When my DD was about that age, we really had her only on the rice cereal and baby food fruit and all of the stage 2 foods I think. She is 16 months now. You daughter is going to need her formula until she is age 1 when she can switch to whole milk so I wouldn't wean from the bottle until then. ... (7 replies)
... I started on Rice cereal. ... (4 replies)
... My son is 6 months old and around 5 months began having the same problem. If your son is that big already he probably needs way more food than some fruit and cereal. Try veggies and meat. ... (10 replies)
... breastfeeds, if she is still hungry has at most 4oz of formula. ... (3 replies)
... In the beginning I feed mine 2 times a day. ... (5 replies)
... You mentioned you fed your baby all kinds of combination. My baby is 6 months, she's been eating rice cereal for a month now. ... (6 replies)
Need baby to sleep
May 11, 2007
... MY son is 8 months and is 19 pounds. Well my suggestion is to feed him a lot during the day so he gets most of his calories then. ... (6 replies)
... I am exclusivly breastfeeding. I am not really having any trouble with him eating but I would like to be able to feed him from a bottle or at least have some stored for when we go out etc... I find I can't really pump anything. He drains me dry. In the past I would pump in the morning and get 5 oz. ... (2 replies)
... You're very wise in that decision. Sitting unassisted is just one way of being sure your baby is ready for solids. The others are a keen interest in what you're eating, mimicking your chewing motions, and most importantly, loss of the tongue thrust reflex. This reflux causes the tongue to move in back to front motion, which is how they massage the areola of your breast to... (2 replies)
Solids schedule
May 8, 2006
... bottles a day sometimes less and at least one juice bottle. The whole feeding schedule really depends on the baby, solids 2 times a day keeps her happy because she enjoys her bottle first thing in the morning. Hope this helps!! ... (3 replies)
... Hmm.. OK where can I start.. I starting feeding my son stage 1 foods about amonth ago..with rice cereal.. ... (0 replies)
... You should really start you son on cereal atleast so he get's use to eating solids (rice cereal is best for first foods, full of vitamins when mixed with formula or breastmilk). Table foods are okay for a baby at 6 months (my son is 6 1/2 months and has bread, teething cooking, beans, mash potatos, bananas and such) but if your DH was allergic to alot of stuff you might want... (7 replies)
Solids schedule
May 8, 2006
... but at least a clear picture of what to do next. Well without a major female family figure to turn to, I always turn to you ladies and everybody is great at giving advice. SO here goes, I need advice from moms already feeding solids, how did you do it in the begining? ... (3 replies)
... months. One bottle at night, before bed. For the past few weeks I've been trying him on some stage 1 foods and cereal mixed with formula to a thin texture. Sometimes he swallows, sometimes he doesn't. I don't try the food everyday though, maybe just once a week. ... (14 replies)
Weight gain
Jul 13, 2008
... At least she is sleeping through the night, I'm sure you appreciate that!!! It sounds like she just takes a lot at a time and then spaces out her feedings. I would prefer this over the 4 oz. every 2 hrs. That is also a great idea about the oatmeal. ... (8 replies)
Not eating!?!?!
Sep 3, 2007
... of her bottles, then on Friday, my MIL decided to give her oatmeal for the first time to see if she'd take it and she did but she only took 3 oz. from her bottle at 3 of her feedings!! ... (5 replies)

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