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... added to your diet. None of my babies could handle me drinking milk or eating dairy. Their poop became even mucousy when I drank milk. How long has your baby taken the vitamin? ... (4 replies)
... My DD is going to be a month old next week and she's been having this same thing since she was born. I am too breastfeeding and am starting to become a bit concerned because it feels like all she does is poop!!! It is seedy but also always runny. Sometimes I worry that she is going too much or that it's not a normal consistency. I breastfed my first daughter as well but I... (4 replies)
... So I know there is another thread about poop problems but I have a question. Has anyone ever had their toddler diagnosed with Dientamoeba Fragilis? ... (2 replies)

Runny poop
Dec 23, 2008
... Are my 11 month old poop supposed to be solid. He really has never had a solid poop, only sometimes. ... (0 replies)
... :o:Sorry if TMI, but my 3 month old DS has had really runny, watery, bright yellowish BM's for awhile. It seems to be more watery now than before. I am only breast feeding and he is taking liquid vitamin drops daily. He weighs 14.1 pounds. The BM's seem to have no little seedy pieces like before, and the odor is a little different. Is this normal? He only usually has one a day... (4 replies)
... :confused: I know this has been gone over many times, but I just really need some clarification. When it comes formula: 1) Is it okay to use plain old tap water without boiling (I have well water if it makes a difference). If so, any particular age? 2) Can you use straight bottled water, without boiling? 3) What is this about fluoride supplements if you have well... (8 replies)
... It is very normal for a formula feed baby not to poop for days. How does his poop look? ... (3 replies)
... e adult stool and she screams in pain when she poops the doctor says shes just learning how to use her muscles but she didn't do this prior to the switch and her poop was runny. anyone else go through this? ... (2 replies)
... and was constipated. When she would go, it was a bit runny and she went A LOT! ... (3 replies)
... why on earth is his nto passing firmer stools... its nto runny no not at all... but yes pasty! thts the right word...he is such a playfull child! ... (2 replies)
... or intestine. Abbie just recently had a 10 day bout of foul smelling runny poop, she was off her food and a bit pale but that was about it really, she was still her happy little self. ... (10 replies)
... I'm assuming by milk you mean your own breastmilk? She probably had allergy to something that you were eating--not the breastmilk itself. :) Breastfed babies have runny, often yellow seedy or curdy stools. This is normal. However, formula fed babies stool is more like that of an adult stool. I woudn't be too concerned about the color, however the fact that she's straining and... (2 replies)
... Just curious as to why you're giving him vitamins. If you're breastfeeding and taking the prenatal vitamins yourself, that should be sufficient for him. I was only told to give my babies vitamins after their 6 or 9 month check for iron since their iron stored up from birth depletes by then. I also gave fluoride at 6 months, I believe. But I thought breastmilk alone was... (4 replies)
... Yes, I was also thinking maybe the vitamin drops were causing it too. It seemed to start to change right about the same time as he started the drops. (4 replies)
Mar 27, 2006
... r had any luck with any of the Similac brands. Good Start is the one I favor. But, I think a lot of Moms change formulas too quickly thinking it will help with runny poop, gas, whatever and it can exacerbate the problem. Any food change, liquid or solid, takes at least 5 days to see if it will work out or not. ... (4 replies)
... My son recently is having a lot more runny type diapers than usual. ... (2 replies)
... You will know the difference between diarhea and runny poop. Diarhea will be really watery. And yes, fluoride can cause GI problems. ... (11 replies)
Weaning question
Jan 2, 2006
... real mixed with about 3tbsp of milk. If she is thirsty she will drink so don't be worried about her fluid intake as long as she is having wet diapers. As for the poop question I can't answer that because Kadens are still runny, it is thicker but still runny not solid at all. ... (3 replies)
... since 4 months and loves it, i started out once a day, now he is up to twice a day, breakfast and dinner. about a month ago I tried him on 3 times a day and his poop got, what i thought, was too hard, so i cut that out, i wanted to try to get him to eat solids 3 times a day, he eats stage 2 containers of food. ... (2 replies)
... So my mom had a thing of Lysol wipes, which I had to use since DS was naked and full of poop and I was running out of options. So, how bad could it be to have used these on his butt? ... (7 replies)

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