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Saline drops???
May 8, 2005
... entioned she sneezes a lot and we thought she might be allergic to our dog. This morning, she seems to have a stuffy nose and I was wondering if I should use the saline drops. Is that what they're for? ... (4 replies)
... how do i use saline drops (2 replies)
... ture and they said that it is normal for newborns and even more frequent with preemies. The NICU nurses suggested to get Little Noses. It is a kit that has the saline drops and the bulb syringe. ... (5 replies)

Saline drops???
May 9, 2005
... WOW I wish I would have found something like that when my DD was little....sounds so much easier. :) (4 replies)
Saline drops???
May 9, 2005
... nth old gets congested frequently. I don't use the drops, they are too much of a hassle...who needs that when you dealing with an unhappy baby.....I use Simply Saline for babies....I found it at both Walgreens and Walmart has a special tip so that you don't stick the nozzel too far into the babies nose... ... (4 replies)
Saline drops???
May 8, 2005
... They really do help if they are really stuffed up, if your little one istn't too bad, I wouldn't bother. Just use an eye dropper and put one or two drops in each nostril. And be prepared with kleenex cause sometimes they sneeze it all back out right away! ... (4 replies)
... ces some in the congested nostril, then rubs our son's nose a bit, then sucks out the goop with a baby nose cleaner thingee. I have read that you should let the saline stay in the nose for a few minutes to break up the mucous and stuff. ... (2 replies)
Saline drops???
May 8, 2005
... Thanks for the info. She's still napping, so I'll see how stuffy she is when she wakes up. It's good to know the drops work before I go and put them in her nose. ... (4 replies)
... We got him some saline drops, which seem to help loosen the mucus, and it runs out most of the time. ... (6 replies)
... Kadens Saline drops are for babys, his are called "Saline" Pediatric Nose Drops. I find it works well if I shoot a bit of it up his nose then suction it... ... (466 replies)
... We also used saline drops to try and break loose the congestion. I'd make sure to get the bathroom nice and steamy and give DS a bath in the morning and before bed. ... (5 replies)
1 month old sick
Sep 14, 2007
... for his nose and I have given him some saline drops. But the nose sucksioner hasn't worked to well and you can only give the saline drops 3x a day. Is there anything else I can do for him? ... (7 replies)
Feb 1, 2007
... be careful with the syringe. I was suctioning my son's nasal passages after using saline drops and my doctor told me that the reason his stuffiness wasn't going away was because the suctioning was causing his passages to become inflamed. ... (3 replies)
... minutes if u put her down. shes also been gagging on the mucous. we've been doing what we can with the nasal aspirator and i sent my dh out to get baby vicks and saline drops. Is there anything we can do for her? ... (12 replies)
... I just went and got saline drops yesterday and in a matter of seconds ds was breathing perfectly.He was really congested. ... (12 replies)
... at on her back to sleep but it doesn't take long for her to wake. She inherited her mommies sinus trouble. She is very congested most of the time. We give her Saline Drops often which helps too. The swing and car seat seem to be the best for her. ... (466 replies)
... Will this help draw the mucous out without having to bother my little one with the bulb and saline everytime? ... (4 replies)
... recently where I hardly get any sleep because it sounds like Brody's not sleeping, too. He's been constantly snoring, even when he's awake. On the bottle for the saline drops I got, it says to only use 3 times a day, although sometimes I wish I could use it more than that. I'm not sure why there's the limit... ... (6 replies)
... her first day of life her nose was clear, then it started to get stuffy, i was told it was from the mucus but wondered why that happend to her a day later after birth, up to this its still the same, shes has trouble breathing when i feed her, sometimes when she sleeps, she sometimes baby snores, i feel a weeze in her cheast sometimes cuz of her nose, i do use saline drops &... (1 replies)
... d, it makes it easier for them to eat, since their breathing improves, my son had a hard time eating when his nose was congested since he couldn't breath but the drops made a huge difference. If he couldn't sleep well, or had fever I gave him some tylanol. ... (12 replies)

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