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Milk Allergy??
Jul 20, 2007
... and minimal. I had to get a sample to the lab for testing to make sure it isn't an infection. Haven't heard back yet. Anyway, his ped suggested that it may be a milk allergy? ... (8 replies)
... helps families that don't make quite as much money and just need a little extra help with formula and other basic foods. I also have WIC and get 9 12 oz cans of Similac Isomil Soy, plus juice, eggs, cereal, cheese, and milk. ... (9 replies)
Milk Allergy??
Jul 23, 2007
... although to the eye, it looked fine other than a bit watery, she tested positive for blood in her stool which was an allergy of some sort. ... (8 replies)

... We started my DD on Alimentum for her Milk protein allergy and she was on it for 4 weeks before we switched her to Elecare just a few days ago. The Alimentum did not seem to be working for her. ... (5 replies)
... the proteins are largely broken down in each. There is Similac Alimentum and Enfamil Nutramigen. Definitely work with your doctor to decide which to try first when you are ready and if you need to. ... (5 replies)
... my 7 month old daughter has a milk /soy protein allergie.. it started way back when she was 2 weeks old ... how we found out was she got blood in her stool( how scarey right)... my daughter is doing well on alumentium... made my similac... shes now on sum fruits and vegies...but im always a lil paranoid.. that it will show up again.. weve been told... no cereal.. unless its... (1 replies)
... Highly recommend this one! Worked like a charm for our daughter! :) (5 replies)
... Since we adopted our son from Korea and most asians have a lactose issue - We switched to Similac, Isomil Advance, Soy Formula w/DHA&ARA a few weeks ago and man oh day what a change. We get ours a Costco 36oz @ $30. (5 replies)
... NG! I love it, all but the smell! It is horrible! LOL! But you get used to it. I had my son early as well, he was a 31 weeker. At 6 weeks he was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. He was bleeding in his stool. ... (9 replies)
... It could be the formula. Enfamil and Similac are extremely similar, just marketed through different brand names. They are basically the same components though and a lot of people don't realize this. ... (8 replies)
... of kids with a milk allergy also have soy allergy. I don't want to even go there! LOL! ... (11 replies)
... I agree with Sam, i would just try a different formula. my dd has a milk allergy and I have her on soy similac isomil and she is doing great with it. Changing it isn't going to hurt your son. ... (20 replies)
... Well, I was giving him 'MILK' based formula and he constantly was spitting up!!! .....Come to find out that he had developed an allergy to the 'milk protein' from the 'MILK' based formula. ... (6 replies)
... ad.... i figured she might have a tear in her bottom or something like that. anyway, it's a long story, and it has some to do with the fact that i made too much milk while nursing her..... and because of that, she had a lactose buildup in her little system, which was causing her symptoms. ... (19 replies)
... It can take an allergy awhile to show itself. DS has an allergy or an intolerence or something to both milk and soy protein. Of course, he was about 4 weeks old by the time we discovered this. ... (15 replies)
... ng from different brands to low iron, lactofree and soya. She ended up in the emergency room on the soya and had to be given glucose water to rehydrate due to an allergy to it and excessive vomiting. ... (17 replies)
... Im reading that the reflux can sometimes be attributed to an allergy. While Enamil AR and Similac Sensitive RS worked for a short time, she is back to spitting up. ... (3 replies)
... This past week I have noticed a big change in my infant. Below are his symptoms- Does not nap/sleep long. Takes cat naps all day and night. Does not throw up Has a lot of gas about an hour after eating (I breast feed and supplement with Similac since my breast milk supply is not abundant) Is very difficult to burp. I will try to burp him for 20-30 minutes and... (6 replies)

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