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... trying to figure out how to suck on it. But as time goes on and he is getting older I find myself getting more and more fusterated. I am home with this screaming baby who does not even care whether I love him or not. I love him so much but I find myself saying, SH or quiet or no crying all day. I feel like a broken record. ... (19 replies)
... I feel for you! However I must say I had the worlds Most Unhappy baby. My now 12 year old son was miserable!! At his 6 week check up I asked if I could trade him in!!!! At 9 months when he started crawling. ... (19 replies)
... I agree that a trip to the pediatrician should be done for a full check up,WITH blood work.while most babies tend to cry alot, this seems to be just a little bit much.There could be some sort of medical reason for this.If at ANYTIME while raising a child, that you 'feel' something is just not 'right',please follow it up with a trip to the second son was wayy different... (19 replies)

... u are at during the day when he should be taking a nap too. Obviously your living room is not going to be dark but if it is really bright it might be giving the baby a hard time going to sleep. My son can't fall asleep at my parent's house in their living room. ... (19 replies)
... his best seller is 'the happiest baby on the block' it talks about how babies arn't really babies until they are 3 months old. that is when thier nerve endings and cognitive skills are up to par. ... (19 replies)
... Just to let everyone know, yesterday DS was a whole different baby. But DH and I think it was because we started changing his formula from ready mix to powder. Same formula but when you use the powder mix it is thinner. I think it is easier to digest. We had switched to another formula in the beginning but that didn't work. I am guessing this is what made him happier, who... (19 replies)
... You say he only wakes like that? My girlfriend took her baby to a sleep specialist who said many times babies wake up crying/screaming because they had not been in that place when they went to sleep...he said thats why its good to put them to bed before they actually fall asleep... Try to think of him this way...he loves you so much, and he feels so safe with you that he is... (19 replies)
... maybe he doesnt like a wet diaper, or its sitting uncomfortably on his bottom so he fusses. Heck if I now had to endure teething, growing, learning, ect the ways baby do so fast, I'd be grumpy too! lol Some babies and children AND adults are more sensitive than others to stimuli, pain..ect Who knows... ... (19 replies)
... as doing this and DH put his knuckle in his mouth for him to suck and DS bit down on it with all his strength. This is not the first time he has done this. Can a baby really get angry or have anger in there, he is still so little for it? ... (19 replies)
... d I take turns with him. And he did go one time for 11 hours of just fussing. But he can be crying and then lay him on the changing table and he is a whole other baby or if you put him the tub. I do have a dr appointment coming up so I will talk to him. Is colic heriditary? ... (19 replies)
... realize thats what it was for weeks after trying what seemed like all of them my friend told me good start is what her ped. reccommeded. It was like I had a new baby he was great from then on so I instantly started my DD on it and I don't think it's working out but I am going to give it a little more time. ... (19 replies)
... was awake until she was about 3 months old, the only thing she liked was the stroller or being carried back and forth, it is sooo frustrating, i used to think my baby hated me. but things eventually got better, and im sure they will for you too. ... (19 replies)
... When Baby pulls off screaming, is he choking and sputtering, like with a mouth full of milk? ... (4 replies)
... So, at 3 am she'd wake up. And where before rocking her would do it, she would start to fight me and I'd end up with a screaming unhappy baby in the middle of the night. So we ended up having to do the cry it out thing and I hated it. ... (9 replies)
... but I am not the one who can write prescriptions. Meanwhile, Hunter is very uncomfortable, suffering after ALL feeds, projectile vomiting and just generally an unhappy baby. That makes an unhappy mom, with the docs, of course. I am trying to be patient, but you cannot just buy Neocate over the counter like all the rest... ... (10 replies)
... ssarily stop when he gets picked up. When I have mentioned it to his physician they say, "some babies are fussier than others" I feel this is more than a fussy baby and don't know where to turn. The rare times he is happy he is adorable. I keep thinking it will get better, but so far it has not. ... (3 replies)
... to be explained first that this is risky, and stated the complications and problems that could arise. I wasn't informed of anything like that.. and afterward my baby was rocked with his head up above his body for a couple of hours bfore being laid flat in a bed. He was only mildly dehydrated after a bout with rotavirus... ... (4 replies)
... burper usually so it was pretty clear that lack of passing was not the reason for his gas. We were told by the pharmacist that it can take several days for the baby to work a new kind into their system. You may have a really unhappy baby if you are switching too often. ... (8 replies)
Unhappy baby
Oct 6, 2007
... Well, he is teething. I noticed a tooth just under the surface this morning. Poor thing. I really thought his gums were a little swollen and that I could feel a tooth, but I'm a first timer and he only has two other teeth so I really didn't know if it was all in my head or what. :) He slept 12 and a half hours last night!! Thanks for your help ladies! Meechieny- I did go... (4 replies)
Unhappy baby
Oct 5, 2007
... Tiff, I am going through something similar with my 11 month son right now. I also think it is teething. I give him motrin to get him through the night and just hope it is one of the many phases he will go through. I also find when he is over tired, he is even harder to put down at night. (4 replies)

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