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... owever, and I know your doctor gave different advice, but I honestly wouldn't worry about being in such a hurry. Many doctors say that babies should be off the bottle by a year, but just as many say its fine to continue until they are 18 months or even two years old. Dr. T. ... (4 replies)
... s how to get the milk out. I cut off the bottle at 12 months. But honestly do what you feel is right. There is no right or wrong time to take away the bottle. ... (3 replies)
... n every transition. I feared moving her into her own room, she did fine. I worried about moving her into the big bath tub, she did fine. She did fine moving from bottle to sippy cup after all 3 meals during the day, she never fussed at all. ... (4 replies)

... If you love your routine there is no reason to stop. Have her drink a little water after her bottle to clear the milk out of her mouth. IMHO babies are made to "grow up" too fast. ... (4 replies)
... What we did with ours is slowly adding water to the milk everynight until we were just giving them water in their bottle. She's still a baby. The bottle is her comfort, not the milk. We eventually transition to a sippy cup of water. ... (4 replies)
... Well, you will probably want to start weaning your baby from the bottle soon. My son is 14 months and I started weaning him at 12 months. We used to do the bottle right before bed but now we do it after dinner. ... (4 replies)
... I took one full week to dedicate to weaning my DD. It went really well! We have made great progress! ... (7 replies)
... As for the bottle, we started the weaning process around 12 months. ... (6 replies)
... I was wondering if anyone had any tips for weaning my son off the "middle of the night bottle". ... (4 replies)
... My daughter turns one next week and I still give her a small bottle after each nap and at bedtime. I know I can switch that with a sippy cup, but in my opinion, she IS still a baby so why the heck not give her the bottle. ... (3 replies)
... At 1 he only got one 3 times a day for a little while and by 16 months he only got one first thing and at the end of the day. By around 19 months it was only at bedtime and that lasted till he was almost 2. I continued to offer him milk in a variety of sippy cups until we got the right one. ... (10 replies)
... Hi everyone. I recently posted about help in weaning my DD from her bedtime bottle and I followed the advice I found on this board and it worked great, no more bottle for the last 3 nights. thanks! but now I am encountering a new problem. We have always brushed my DD's teeth since she first got a couple at 6 months old. ... (11 replies)
... and I have tried to soothe him back to sleep but he cries so hard for his bottle so I assume he is hungry and give it to him. ... (5 replies)
... I was going to say the same thing as mee said... slowly switch to water. It still provides the comfort and the routine without the fear of ruining her teeth. I know that I'll be going through this in a few months as my 7 month old really enjoys her ounce or two (while propped on her pillow in the crib) of formula before she goes to bed at night. sigh. But I'm making the... (4 replies)
... I always gave DD a bottle (or nursed) right before bedtime. Then, she had a tummy full before bed, which helped her sleep longer. At about 4 month, when I introduced her to cereal, I added some to her formula at night too. Enough to make it thicker, but not impossible to suck through the nipple. I just bought fast flow nipples so that it was easier for her to get. She loved... (2 replies)
Sippy Cup Question
Mar 10, 2009
... we always brushed their teeth at night before bedtime to make sure their teeth stayed healthy. then we transitioned to a cup. their teeth are perfect and healthy, no cavities or stains or anything.... ... (11 replies)
... iatrician to get some advice. Otherwise, he's just being stubborn. At this age, since milk by itself isn't enough nutrition, they are continually hungry. But the bottle is a source of unending comfort, kind of like babies that suckle all night long because there moms let them, and it becomes a habit, like sucking on a pacifier. ... (1 replies)
... going ok. Autumn eats either Wheeabix or ReadyBrek in the mornings, some fruit for lunch and then a couple of different veggies for dinner. We've cut out another bottle feed so she's down to 4 feeds a day. I plan on dropping another one sometime soon. ... (27 replies)
... takes about 20 oz a day. The only bottle she gets is bedtime since it's 7 oz now. ... (27 replies)
... bo is in her bed with her before she'll lay down. The music at night is a big part of her bedtime routine now. She gives everyone kisses then heads for the bedroom and says music. ... (43 replies)

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