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... You're child's lucky to have a parent who is so into interacting with their child! Reading is wonderful to do! I know some people think reading to an infant isn't really nesessary but it's very important. What's also important for motor development is the dreaded tummy time. ... (7 replies)
... ya know what..I heard the exact same story on the show Mystery Diagnosis..about a week ago..the baby at 6 weeks began to spike a fever..the parents were going crazy bc all of a sudden..the baby began to have SEVERE was puking as was losing weight... ... (17 replies)
... Sorry for this long response, but I'm really interested in this topic. I love to cook and it's important to me that our DD learns to like new foods and keep an open mind to healthy eating. We never force her to eat anything. ... (3 replies)

... I did a search on the FDA website and from what I can gather, prevacid is not approved for infants with the medical officer not wanting to do trials with a sample under 1yr. ... (5 replies)
... I'm a proud member of the CIO Club. I'm in complete agreement with Najbia and are not starving your baby at that age if you dont' feed at night. It's so far from being the truth. ... (16 replies)
... those 3 months were a challenge....right before I went back to work she started to sleep through the night....but with help. ... (16 replies)
... It's been a while. I haven't posted anything since I went back to work in January. ... (6 replies)
... Things change with babies so quickly. One day they will have a favorite thing the next day they want nothing to do with it. My son who is 13 mos loves to bang his head on the wall. Why? ... (8 replies)
... Hi agentbluesmurf! You are too sweet! I just loved reading your post! I think you are doing all the right things! You are loving your baby, and interacting with her well! I truly believe you will have a very bright child if you continue this kind of interaction with your baby. ... (7 replies)
... I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to know the answer to your question on milk too. ... (10 replies)
... Boy am I ever glad to read this post! I have been having almost the exact same problem with my 9.5 mo ds! He is extremely picky with textures. He will eat things that dissolve VERY easily in his mouth, some of the time. He likes the gerber puffs, but those took some time getting used to. ... (6 replies)
... Have you talked to your dr about this yet? ... (4 replies)
... I was talking to my FIL today and he was telling me I should try giving my 2 month old son whole milk with baby oatmeal in the bottle. I've never heard of this nor do I think it's a good decision. ... (7 replies)
... both my girls still take a good two or three hour nap during the day, and they are almost 2 and almost 4. ... (5 replies)
... Yeah I figured packing some boxes would scare him and he might take me seriously, he did and was great for 2 weeks, but messed up again this weekend, so I told him he no longer has a choice he has to do counselling as that is my last resort. ... (466 replies)
... off the bone and broken up!!! Just what we were having! ... (5 replies)
... My 13 month old has recently got over a bad ear infection. During that time he was waking up at night from the pain and i would bring him into bed with me to comfort him. He's always slept right through the night since he was 2 months old. ... (7 replies)
... e did an assesment a couple weeks ago and informed me yesterday that my daughter isn't where she "should" be socially and emotionally. She said she was concerend with her fine motor skills and doesn't play well around the other kids. From what I've read I think she's done everything she should be at her age. ... (17 replies)
... I too went back and read your story, as I wasn't familiar with it. GOD BLESS YOU! I don't know what makes people abuse children, but you, my dear, are a hero and a saint. ... (43 replies)
... Call me what you may, but hey it worked for me. I dont know if i'd do the same with a second child, but with this being my first I think ive done a good job! ... (9 replies)

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