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... Our son is almost 4 weeks old and i swear he has now figured out that if he wimpers or cries a little bit when nothing is wrong that he will be picked up. and untill now i of course have. ... (18 replies)
... I agree, around 6 months is when they start understanding that kind of stuff. ... (18 replies)
... I let my DD nap on her tummy, but only in the same room as me when I'm awake, and I check on her every 5 minutes or so. I usually end up sitting right beside her. ... (18 replies)

... I have read that babies under 6 months only cry when they need something, and sometimes what they need is to be held and comforted. ... (18 replies)
... It also will be over before you know it. Nothing lasts forever. I doubt that when your little one is walking down the aisle or out the door to college you are going to be wishing you had held him less often when he was an infant, LOL! ... (18 replies)
... e. He is very independant during the day unless he is hungry or tired then he comes to me to be picked up and fed ect. I feel that forming an attacment with them when they are babies will make them more secure and thus more independent when they are toddlers. There are some great slings out there that help with the holding. ... (18 replies)
... over the age of 12 slept on his or her tummy from day one. Our first two children were born during that time period and even then we rarely heard of SIDS. Most babies do not sleep well flat on their backs. If you are still nervous consider purchasing an angelcare monitor for under the crib mattress. ... (18 replies)
... Most babies don't like to lie flat on thier backs. As for the tummy thing, that's really up to you and how comfortable you feel. ... (18 replies)
... I feel bad when i let him sleep in his bouncer. His little neck seems like it is not in a very comfortable position. Do you think it is ok? ... (18 replies)
... i don't let him just sit and cry unless i am making a bottle as fast as i can. he does this little wimper thing with an occasional cry that lasts one breath when he is just fussing and I am letting him do that now with out picking him up for every little noise he makes. ... (18 replies)
... thank you for your responses and i would love to hear from more people also. I do love holding him but also i have stuff to do around the house and sometimes he just needs to be a little crabby and sit in his bouncer or the swing. ... (18 replies)
... es not sleep through the night. Although I will say that he is very good about only getting up to eat through the night and then he goes right back to sleep. I get stuff done around the house now but i have a girlfriend who held her baby constantly and she literally could not put the baby down with out her crying. ... (18 replies)
... I always figured when I was worried about my son being uncomfortable, that he had just recentley came from a pretty cramped environment - my tummy. He he :D I think they like being all squished up. (18 replies)
... i do have some here actually but i thought it was only for the car seat. i will try it. thanks. ... (18 replies)
... My DD always looked uncomfortable too, but she hated the head support things. Do you have one you can try? ... (18 replies)
... My little one sleep good at night. It is just during the day that he wakes himself up a ton when i lay him down on his back. i tried letting him sleep in the bouncer today and it worked like a charm. ... (18 replies)
... ntil they are at least 6mo. Right now your baby needs you to comfort him and hold him and love him. It's not spoiling him, it showing him someone is always there when he needs it and making him feel more secure. ... (18 replies)
Spoiled Infant?
Feb 8, 2006
... because I didnt want her to get spoiled. No lie...from the first night in the hospital, she cried when I put her down. Wish I was joking, but that is completely true. ... (9 replies)
... Sounds like you are doing a great job. Those screams can really get to you. Especially when you have things you need to do. What helped me get through was some advice I had read. Babies who's cries are answered and who are held as much as possible will be more independant toddlers. Why? ... (12 replies)
... Yes, I agree Rouge. CIO for my 16mo consists of her going to bed sleepy but not wanting to go to bed yet. She'll cuddle up with her blanket and teddy and wimper for 10 mins while she falls asleep. If I peek in she is always lying down ith her eyes closed, wimpering. I could never leave her wide awake screaming for me. She goes to bed easily now, sometime she plays for a few... (18 replies)

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