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... en feeling sleepy, but that could be that the soo much thinking is not allowing me to sleep well at nights. I feel like i have no pregnancy symptoms for being at 10 dpiui. Do you think its because i am not pregnant? ... (27 replies)
Who's in the 2ww?
Nov 19, 2006
... Athena--SOOOOO happy for you that you are getting BFP!! Yay!!! Thanks everyone for all the thoughts and prayers! I'm actually 11 dpiui (I saw a couple people thought maybe I was 10 dpiui)...I had a hard time not testing yesterday lol. I'm soooo hoping my BFP wasn't a fluke. I'm kinda nervous b/c I've had a little pulling, almost like a light cramping all day today. ... (138 replies)
... Hey Pennie! Thanks for asking about me. Today is 12 dpiui, and I'm due for my beta tomorrow. I hate to say it but I think it'll be negative. I took another HPT today and got another BFN (I couldn't hold out). It was weird, because at 8-10 dpiui I had some cramping and thought for sure it was implantation, and that I would be pregnant. So I dunno, guess I just had gas or... (85 replies)

... JUST 10 DPIUI? ... (85 replies)
Day 10 U/S
Apr 26, 2007
... Yeah, Ruby, you will def have to find a place to check in while on vacation. When I went to Canada a few weeks ago I couldn't resist finding my way on-line to check in a few times. I remember that CMarie was expecting her results when I was away and I just HAD to get on line and hear her news! Mapia - I think you said your beta is 5/9? Well I will be doing an HPT on... (83 replies)
Who's in the 2ww?
Nov 18, 2006
... I really hope your test is TRULY positive!! I considered testing this am as I am also 10 dpiui, but I am still holding out. So afraid of BFN. I am thinking about it though, so I'm afraid I'll give in and test soon, LOL. ... (138 replies)
... BFN. However, I'm hoping that being only 10 dpiui that I just don't have enought hcg built up yet to show on a simple hpt. ... (85 replies)
... Hi girls, 10 dpIUI here and trying really hard to stay away from those stupid pee sticks. ... (62 replies)
My first post
Sep 21, 2007
... Welcome and I think 10 DPIUI is a little early too.....heck I didn't get a BFP last month til about 16 everyone is different.... ... (12 replies)
My first post
Sep 21, 2007
... Princess, 10 dpiui is a little early, so there's definitely still a chance you will see a bfp this cycle. Good luck!! And please keep us posted. ... (12 replies)
... s and it be neg. I think I will take another HPT in the morning and see what it says.....I'm really hoping friend April is getting BFP's 10 DPIUI she's just hopining its not from the trigger shot...that would be so neat to get BFP's together. ... (25 replies)
Who's in the 2ww?
Nov 11, 2006
... Hi all. I was having trouble keeping track of who was in the 2ww now, so thought I'd start a new thread. It's always nice to have support for this time. I just started my 2ww this week, so I'm not too stressed yet, but it will definitely be nice to have the support later! I noticed there seem to be quite a few women this month who had IUI's same day I think! I had my... (138 replies)
... False positives are VERY rare!!! I bet that at 10 dpo it was just to early to tell yet and that's why it did not show up until 12 dpo. So..........CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!! ... (1 replies)
... clomid a couple weeks ago. I also had the HCG shot. 10 dpo I took a HPT and it came out negative. I took one today 12 dpo and it came out positive. What do you think the chances are that it is a false positive? ... (1 replies)
Newby saying hello
Jul 29, 2003
... Hello to all! I have been lurking for some time and I wanted to say what a lovely and kind group you all are. I have been following your journeys and hoping for the best for all of you. I hope it's okay if I introduce myself. A bit of background: I'm 39, DH is 42. We've been ttc#1 for a year (just married about 2 years ago). DH's SA was good, but I was diagnosed with mild... (10 replies)
1ww to go!!!
Jul 16, 2003
... Last month, AF came for me only 10 or 11 dpIUI. So, maybe 11 dpiui will give you a result? ... (11 replies)
Estrogen levels
Dec 2, 2006
... The rest is history! I had my first very faint BFP 11dpiui, which got darker each day. My first beta on 13 dpiui was 100.8. ... (6 replies)
... in my 2ww. I'm 7 dpiui and feeling good. Last month was hard because I was feeling really, really good and positive and still BFN. ... (27 replies)
Who's in the 2ww?
Nov 14, 2006
... I also experienced the same thing on progesterone supplements--high temps. I stopped charting my temps because I just felt it was useless at this point lol. It was weird to not take my temp in the morning after so long doing it. If Janice isn't on progesterone though, she might be pregnant!! I hope so. Cmarie-- Sorry to hear your progesterone wasn't high enough. I... (138 replies)
... I'm in 2ww now also (2nd IUI 10-26). Both times they instructed to test 14 dpiui (the 9th this go around). I too am having cramping. I honestly don't remember if I did last time or not, but I think I did just a bit. It's hard for me too because I had a lot of cramping with my pg with my son. That was what made me go to the doc the last time (the cramping). Not sure what to... (11 replies)

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