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... is would do wonders. I am in my 2WW and am not supposed to test until Sunday 14dpiui on a HPT. But I could not stand it and so I did a stupid thing and tested on 10dpiui and it was BFN. People are telling me that was too early, is that true. Most sites agree that it is, but it drove me to tears. I was so hopeful before that HPT. ... (1 replies)
What to do!
Dec 7, 2010
... I'm soooo so gutted. AF here 10dpiui. Didn't think I'd feel this bad but I so thought it would work. Unexplained infertility. Any advice?? (1 replies)
IUI #2 Done
Jul 27, 2009
... festivus I'm still hanging in tight. I'm now 10dpiui an this time seems to be going so slow or something but I've not been keeping up with it this time due to be busy with birthday parties, friends visting mother staying with us an tons of other stuff. You asked on the betas well for me don't go in for any. The RE said to call when AF shows or get a BFP. I will not be doing... (18 replies)

... well...i had my IUI on june 29 and 30, 2008. Its my 10DPIUI and i have so many back pains a lot every evening, have abdominal cramping like AF and am urinating a lot... ... (14 replies)
... too early!!!! I'm 10dpiui #1 and 9dpiui#2 and am scheduled to go in for my beta on Sunday morning. I just want to cheat so I know what I'm walking into ya know. But it's a bad idea huh??? (10 replies)
... Don't lose hope! I had implantation spotting starting at 10dpiui and it lasted for 4 days! It stopped on the 4th day and turned out that i was pregnant! i was very upset also when i started spotting and it didn't stop! ... (43 replies)
... That sounds great, Michelle, for your IUI!! A lining of 9.2 is good. I am not sure what my lining was on the day of the IUI. My RE doesn't check that or either they didn't tell me, if they did. That is one of the things I have been worried about. My lining 3 days before the IUI was at like 5 or 6. I hope that it got thicker before the IUI or at least before implantation needed... (9 replies)
... Hi Ruby. I am glad that you are taking steps to identify the problem you guys are having. I haven't had an HSG b/c I felt like since I had had one baby that there wasn't any blockage. I guess I am wrong in thinking that. My RE did mention that we could do that test, I just kind of dismissed it. I guess we could consider that if this month brings us yet another BFN. It is... (18 replies)
... c I just feel like AF is going to start. Today is cd28, 10dpiui so we will see. ... (18 replies)
Good Luck Deluka
Feb 19, 2007
... Kathy I am glad that you saw my post. I was afraid you wouldn't b/c there were so many posts after mine. I really have been thinking about you and I thought about you all weekend, hoping that I would come home to you yelling that you had a BFP!! We had a great time in Gatlinburg. We had about two to three inches of snow in the mountain where our cabin was. DD really... (133 replies)
Another 2ww thread
Jan 20, 2007
... S&J - what'd I tell you! They say it usually happens when you're least expecting it! I hope everything goes well at your Dr.'s appt. Let us know what happens! As for me...I know it's way early to be testing (10dpiui), but I was at the store yesterday and though, I'll pick up some just in case for later on, but of course I'm weak and I heard one of the sticks calling my... (52 replies)
... Hey My very first iui was with clomid, my lining was 5.0mm so we did go through with it. The 2nd iui was clomid and menopur, my lining made it to a 7.0, so we did the iui but ended in bfn. My third was with menopur again (increased dose), lining was better around 12mm, ended in chemical pregnancy. The last cycyle was with menopur and follistim pen, progesterone pills and... (35 replies)
In the 2ww!
Dec 19, 2006
... I am 10dpiui too! And my RE doesn't test either so we are in the same boat. ... (59 replies)
In the 2ww!
Dec 18, 2006
... I am 10dpiui here. I am supposed to go into the Dr. ... (59 replies)
Who's in the 2ww?
Nov 19, 2006
... HeyKnack! Wow- so happy for you!!! i was checking in here after being away for a few days and couldn't believe it! that's so wonderful and about the spotting, it is most likely implantation because the timing would be right on at 10dpiui. i'm still scheduled for beta on tuesday along with you, so hope yours is confirmed. now i'm wondering if i should test too....... (138 replies)
Who's in the 2ww?
Nov 19, 2006
... fire I also tested a 10dpiui and recieved a faint positive. ... (138 replies)
Who's in the 2ww?
Nov 13, 2006
... leah I wish her the best and this be her month:wave: This cycle went fast for her, I cant believe she is already 10dpiui. Tell her to hang in there and friday will be here before she knows it. I hope that the spotting doesnt happen tomorrow! KUP, pennie:angel: (138 replies)
Who's in the 2ww?
Nov 13, 2006
... UPDATE - Just wanted to post an update about Janice and see what how you other gals are doing. Janice is on CD21 and is 10DPIUI. She has no syptoms. Just feels regular. Her back was bothering her last night which is one of her AF signs. If starts spotting tomorrow, then we are thinking AF is coming. She has been charting her temp, and she had a big dip on Friday, and... (138 replies)
Oct 25, 2006
... Ok, so I had my IUI on the 15th. That makes me 10dpiui. Yesterday I tested with a digital HPT and POSITIVE. Then I took a regular HPT and POSITIVE. But I took my booster shot 3 days ago so just to make certain, I took another digital HPT today and POSITIVE. I am just sooooooooooooooooooooo happy. DH keeps saying that it's going to be 3. He usually can predict when... (10 replies)
Bad News
Oct 23, 2006
... Tell her to wait until tomorrow. I got a very faint positive on 10dpiui (the day I started spotting). It was so faint that my DH had to go outside to look at it and was still unsure?? I work in the emergency dept so I got a test that has a 20miu, so it can pick up very early. Good luck and sticky baby dust, KUP Pennie (12 replies)

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