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... False positives are VERY rare!!! I bet that at 10 dpo it was just to early to tell yet and that's why it did not show up until 12 dpo. So..........CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!! I hope that you have a happy and health 9 months!! ... (1 replies)
... clomid a couple weeks ago. I also had the HCG shot. 10 dpo I took a HPT and it came out negative. I took one today 12 dpo and it came out positive. What do you think the chances are that it is a false positive? ... (1 replies)
... HI , I dont know if it would be wise to skip the HCG shot . That shot is what makes you ovulate (release the egg).Speak to your RE. I was on the injectible repronex and HCG ovidrel and the prog three DPO.I did this twice with timed int. and once with three failed .I am now moving on to IFV .Anyhow I hope you get posotive from you RE on monday my prayers and warmest... (12 replies)

... and freeze it. Then they draw another one on 14 dpo. They run both tests on day 14 and if the HCG doubles between day 12 and day 14, it is a positive. ... (49 replies)
... Hi Lizzie, Friday is 12 dpo for me, but I use this online service that I imput my BBT's and they recommend Friday to test. AF usually arrives 10 dpo for me, so I think that's why they suggest earlier than 14 dpo. Make sense? ... (214 replies)
Hard to digest..!
Feb 24, 2008
... I couldnt wait .....Today is 12 dpo IUI.. ... (4 replies)
... days in your system. The hpt's are obviously more accurate, the closer you wait to AF due date. I tested about 12 or 13 dpo. ... (2 replies)
... i am 12 dpo. see i was reading some websites and they say at 6 dpo is when i should be spotting but they never said what color and all that? ... (13 replies)
... Hey, I held out and was going to take a test on 12 DPO. But my spotting started and I was completely crushed. So I didn't take a test at all. Today is 14 DPO and my period started, so there is no more hope for this cycle. ... (4 replies)
... HIM either. I am not sure what the "professional answer is, however, I tested for the last couple of months and it seems that I get really anxious around 11 and 12 dpo and sure enough here comes af. So I promise to wait until 13 or 14 dpo to give myself a chance to miss my period although she really won't be MISSED! ... (1 replies)
... Just thought I would check in today. I am currently 12 dpo. I did test on 10 and 11 dpo and got a BFN. Waiting until tomorrow to test again. I am praying, wishing, and hoping for my very first BFP. ... (73 replies)
... Thanx to everyone for their good luck. I'm still hanging on but this waiting is torchure. Still not feeling particularly positive I'm afraid. Thought AF was going to arrive yesterday but no show yet. I've started feeling quite unwell, burning up as though I'm running a fever and have been getting a really sore head and a little nausea. My boobs are really sore but a... (73 replies)
... oh I'm 11-12 DPO today....and when I could catch O I alwasy got AF 14 DPO (4 replies)
15 DPO No AF?
Jun 28, 2007
... Hi Girls, Im just wondering how common it is to have a longer luetal phase when on clomid/ ovidrel? This cycle, if im not preg, will be my first real AF as Ive never ovulated then gotten AF. Ive done tons of not ovulating and then taken provera to get AF. Im just wondering why I haven't gotten my period yet and im still testing BFN(10, 12, 14 dpo.) I called the nurse today to... (2 replies)
... Ive been TTC #2 for 18 months. I am 33, did 5 rounds of clomid, m/c on cycle two. I was going back over my charts and found a definate pattern. If my BBT temps are to be believed, I always seem to ovulate between CD 20 and CD 25 and then I always get my period 5 to 10 days later (except for one round of clomid that I took days 3-7 with estrogen, I ovulated on day 16 and,... (1 replies)
HCG Results
Aug 20, 2006
... Hi, This month we did an IUI to get pregnant. We were very courious about our HCG number because we have already had 1 miscarriage. I got my HCG results. On Mon they were 35 which was 12 dpo and 107 - 14 Dpo. Then I started spotting. I called the nurse and she said that sometimes happens and not to worry because my numbers looked great. Well I was worried so I... (4 replies)
PG Test After IUI
Mar 22, 2003
... Yep I'm pregnant....HCG was 76 12 DPO and 200 14 DPO.... ... (18 replies)
... One symptom I did notice is that I had spotting 3.5 days after the IUI and then again on day 12 after the IUI. The spotting was brief. ... (42 replies)
The dreaded 2WW
Dec 14, 2005
... today is 12 DPO (IUI on 12/3) - i could not help it - i did a HPT and it was a BFN, do you think there is still a chance? I had an HCG trigger on 12/2 so that is out of the system. taking prometrium supositories - so i have those side effects - sore bbs and etc.....i am so nuts right now. ANYONE????? (65 replies)
... Hi! I need some questions answered. For the last three cycles since my mc 1/26, I have experiencing 10-12 days of brown bleeding 3-5 days after I ovulate? It continues for 10-12 days until AF comes. Anybody else done this? What was the outcome? Dr recommend anything? ------------------ stpetenative 32 yrs & DH 34 yrs M/C 01-28-03 PREG 12-13-02 TTC 09-01-01 (1 replies)

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