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Re: New Here
Nov 14, 2003
Hello, TTC! I have PCOS as well; it was diagnosed with a combination of ultrasound and bloodwork which showed that my progesterone was very low and that I wasn't ovulating.

There are a number of things the doctor could do; if PCOS is your only problem and there are no other factors, they'll probably put you on 50 mg of Clomid to start with; the days vary, some doctors like to do it days 3-7, some like to do it days 5-9. They will not start you on Clomid until you've had your period, so if that's taking a very long time about showing up, often they'll put you on depo-provera for a brief time, just to get your period kickstarted, then switch you to Clomid. After that they may have you come in for an ultrasound around midcycle so they can see whether you're developing a good follicle. If your follicle is over 20 mm they'll probably give you an HCG injection to force you into ovulating during the next 36 hours, and you'll be scheduled for bloodwork a week afterwards to see if you actually did ovulate. (Or it could happen that you come in and the ultrasound determines that you've already ovulated, which will happen, and you won't need the injection).

It might take a couple of tries to get it right - my body basically did nothing with 50 mg of Clomid, but 100 mg made my follicle grow like crazy and I got the injection and ovulated. Nothing happened that cycle, unfortunately - the doctor says that sometimes it just doesn't catch, and I'm hoping for better luck this time around.

One note: Clomid will very likely dry up your cervical mucus, which is a problem when ttc, obviously. This is more severe for some people than for others, for me it's been pretty bad. Robitussin (the kind that has guaifenisin syrup as the ONLY active ingredient) is a good way to counteract that; your mileage may vary on how many spoons a day help you to produce; I've been routinely taking about 12 spoons a day. Additionally, drink lots and lots of water, as much as you can stand, and eating a salty snack or two seems to help as well. You'd better ask your doctor about that, though, since because of your weight your diet may well be restricted. Also, stay away from caffeine as much tolerable.

This is the way my doctor does things, and yours will probably be a bit different as to details. Hope this is a good roadmap for you, though. Good luck!
[sprinkles babydust over all present]

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