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Nov 9, 2003
Hey girls, I had to log on and tell all of you that I got the shock of my life on Thursday
11/6. We are expecting our first child after years of infertility and thousands of dollars.
Here is the story of how we found out that I am 2 months prego. Yes I said two months and just found out! On Monday 11/3 i had a sore throat so I went to an instant care center after work to see what was wrong and he thought I had strep so we were talking
and he noticed I hadn't had my period since Sept 17th and he said is there any way that you may be pregnant? I said well I dought that I'm pregnant I have fertility problems and I have had 3 rounds of injectibles and IUI this year and they did'nt work. He asked more questions about my condition and said okay you are probablly right but I can't take any chances so I will make sure the medicines I give you are safe. So I left and went to the drug store to fill my perscriptions and while I was there I walk over to the HPT's and start to buy one then decided oh I'm not pregnant and didn't purchase one. Then by Wednesday I was'nt feeling better and I felt like I had the flu so I wanted to take some Nyquil and my husband said maybe you should take an HPT first just in case. He works third shift and was stopping at the drug store on his way home on Thursday morning so I said okay bring one home and I'll check but I know I am not pregnant. So he comes home about 10:30am and I do the test and as soon as we lay it on the counter one pick line appeared and another. We both about fell to the floor in disbelief. So I called my RE and they said to come in for a blood test and that afternoon I called for my results and we were definitly pregnant. I am still in shock, I just can't believe that after all of these years I am finally pregnant and on my own no drugs. For those of you who don't know my story I had done 3 cycles of Injections, Bravelle, and IUI this year April, June, July. They all were BFP's and very disappointing so we were taking a break from everything and had decided to do IVF this coming Spring. And now to our surprise I'm prego.

Mommawannabe, Mindoo and other, How are you doing? Haven't seen many posts from you guys.


Ps I go Wednesday 11/12 for my first prenatal visit and u/s. I will keep you informed.
Re: Bfp!
Dec 1, 2003
Hi KINKY!!!!!! :wave:

Blimey! Congratulations! That's amazing!
Actually that's how it happened to me! I had m/c (2nd IUI) in August (blighted ovum) and had D&C done on 26.9. AF after four weeks (NO BD for a month I was told) then we just did it when we felt like it, were NOT ttc, and BANG! I was late... first beta 79, second 4 days later 756! I'm now 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant! I'm trying not to get too excited, being careful...haven't told anyone yet...

Good luck girl, you deserve it!
Sarka :angel:

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