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I know there aren't too many lighthearted moments in this whole process so I thought since I had one I should share the wealth. Forgive the rambling, I've never been known for brief storytelling.

For a little background, I'm in the midst of my second IUI cycle while taking clomid+FSH. Oh, the joy of clomid (sarcasm.) So, this morning I go in for my cd9 u/s to check my follies. I got good news and bad news. Good news, I have 8 follies ranging in size from 6.5 mm to 14 mm. Bad news, my lining is 3 mm (my dr. tells me she's never had a successful implantation with anything less than a 6 and they prefer to see 7-10). As such, 3 is not so good. To help remedy this problem my dr. gives me a subscription for Estrace (those lovely blue pills you shove up your you know what twice a day, fun, fun) and instructs me to take 2 more shots of FSH, one today and one tomorrow. She then schedules me for another u/s on Sunday morning to check my progress and to hopefully give my hcg trigger. As I'm leaving the office she emphasizes that I must take the FSH shots in the a.m. both days to insure optimum follie size for Sunday morning.

It didn't quite register at that moment for me, but as I left the office I realized that I would have to take the first FSH shot right away. Small problem, I can't give myself shots because I pass out when I do (another long story). Which isn't the safest thing to do in light of the whole needle thing. So, I have to call my DH and ask if he can meet me at home to give me the shot. As luck would have it, he has to go to court (brief note: he's an attorney, not a defendant) in 30 minutes and will be busy the rest of the morning. That gives me 30 minutes to figure out how I'm going to get this shot.

Of course, the smart thing would have been to go back to the dr.s office and explain that I am such a pansy that I can't give myself the shot, but ohhhh noooo I come up with the bright idea of having my DH meet me at my office so he can give it to me there. You see where this is going, don't you.

Before he gets to my office I sneakily lock my office door and prepare the shot (break the ampule, use the filter needle, etc. etc.). As soon as he arrives I quietly let him in and quickly close the door behind him, hoping to get the whole darn thing over and done with ASAP. As luck would have it, just as I drop trough and my DH prepares to strike the blow my boss chooses that inopportune moment to knock on my office door. How lucky can a girl get.

I figure at this point I have two options. I can pretend not to hear the knock OR open the door Unfortunately, in the 3 seconds I took to think about this momumentous decision I stupidly chose the latter. So, there we were, me, my DH and my dumbfounded boss. My DH of course trying to act nonchalantly while holding a syringe, me trying to zip up my pants, and my boss beet red with his mouth wide open. He quickly turned tail and ran away as fast as he could. We meanwhile shut the door and got the whole traumatic event over with as soon as we could and my DH snuck out the back door.

I then had to face my boss and explain to him that me and my DH are not junkies jonesing for a fix. It wasn't fun. The moral of this lesson is:


Again, I aplogize for the rambling. Hopefully my embarrasment and angst brought at the minimum a glimmer of a smile your way. Have a great day!

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