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Re: Clomid
Nov 21, 2003
Hi blynn,
Don't doubt Clomid does help a lot of people. The multiple percentage is vvvvvvery low. I have been taking Clomid to induce ovulation, b/c I just don't ovulate. My first OB/GYN starting me out on 150 mg for 5days. That's been about 6 yrs ago, it made me really sick. Like nauseated very bad, didn't want anything to eat. I've taken 50 mg also and it doesn't make me sick. Now I have taken 100mg with in the last year and that makes me pretty nauseated and not much of an appetite. It still affects me with those symptoms about 3wks after I have taken the course of
medicine. Everybodys different, some people it doesn't even bother them. Now my friend took it and she said made her want to eat everything but I think it was just her, she likes to eat anyway. When you are nauseated, you don't want to eat. Good luck on taking it. I'm
still trying. I just started taking Fertility Blend, Vitex one of the ingredients that's in that is a like a herbal Clomid. Don't take them together though. Good luck.

I have just started taking Clomid yesterday. I wanted to know how successfull and fast it worked for other people and how bad where you side effects?
Dh and I have been ttc#1 for 11 months.


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