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... Holly, thank you so much for your reply. I was getting a bit down that nobody noticed and eased my worries... I keep spotting, but the hpt got even more visibly positive today 12dpiui :blob_fire . My doctor seem a bit worried though, she told me to take it easy these days, increased my progesterone dose and I'll go for my beta on Tuesday. I am very hopeful, this morning... (47 replies)
... Thanks for letting me know, Dana. I am currently on cd30. I did my trigger shot on cd17 and IUI on cd18. That puts me at 12dpiui. Did you do a trigger shot? I am just wondering if that could postpone me a little for AF. My temp shifted the morning of the trigger but the nurse said to go ahead and trigger. I am guessing that would mean that I didn't ovulate until cd18, which... (18 replies)
... Hey Paulie. I am so sorry that you and DW are dealing with this right now. I want to echo the other ladies and say that there is still a chance that it is just too early. Are you guys at 12dpiui? I think you said you did do an IUI this month. Maybe you just need to wait until 14dpiui. My RE said to come in for beta at 14dpiui so, you see, it could just be too early to tell. I... (12 replies)

... The week will pass quicker than you think. I am 12dpiui today and it felt like it would take forever to get here and it did get here, pretty quickly actually. Just try not to focus on it too much. ... (9 replies)
... Hey Holly... thanks for asking. I am at 12dpiui. RE said that if I haven't seen AF before Friday, the 23rd to call and I guess I will go in for a beta. I am too scared to take a HPT. I DO NOT want to see a BFN!!:mad: I think I might take it easier if the nurse calls me and says that the beta was negative. I know, either way, it will be hard. DH has been really involved this... (17 replies)
... Hi Leah. Best of luck to your sister. It sounds like she has a great chance of things working out. A lining of 18 is pretty amazing!!:blob_fire I just wanted to say that your sister and I have our betas the same day, if I don't see AF before then. She is still holding off and I am kind of surprised. I am not on any prog. supplements or anything and I am at 12dpiui, 14 days... (16 replies)
... and did a hpt.....I am 13pd trigger and 12dpiui which I know is a bit early but the test had a light positive line! ... (22 replies)
... Hey, I don't normally test all the time before a realistic time frame. Last cycle, I waited until like 12dpiui. This cycle, I just decided to try this...partly to find when the hcg leaves my system, and partly because when you keep getting bfn's all the time, you sort of wonder what a positive looks like! (4 replies)
In the 2ww!
Dec 10, 2006
... Hi 2ww buddies, I'm on CD22, 12dpiui, 4 days to beta and still counting every second. I have ovulation gas-bloating after the trigger jab, pre-AF cramp from 4dpiui and till now, the cramp is still bugging me. It's the same feeling I've had for every IUI cycle and I'm not confident enough in getting a BFP for this cycle. Anyway, I will still test before going for beta. (59 replies)
... I'm 12dpiui and 13 days past my trigger shot. My beta is on Monday but I don't know if I can wait. I'm debating taking a HPT this weekend. ... (11 replies)
... I am now 12dpiui and my test was again BFN:mad: My beta is suppose to be Friday if I wanted he said. He told me to test and if was negative then to call. Thank you for your support. It looks as this is our last treatment, the expense is alot and our insurance covers NOTHING. I will continue to pop in a see how all is doing. Good luck to everyone and I will continue to pray... (7 replies)
... Well, got up this AM, trying to be hopeful. I POAS and got another BFN. 12dpiui, I really thought that today would be my day. I feel so discouraged. I get so excited the night befor thinking that tomorrow would be it then a slam in the face. I know that I report this everydays and I just seem like a negative person but somtimes I cant help it. Sorry for being so negative..... (49 replies)
... Well after I posted yesterday the cramps stopped and I haven't had any since. I still have spotting but it has been mostly brown a little pink at times but it is just a very small amount. The spotting isn't any heavier today either. Could it be implantation spotting or is 12dpIUI, 13dpIUI today, to late for that? I don't want to give up hope that it worked trying to hold... (11 replies)
... It's 12dpIUi and I just started spotting. I am so upset I have been in tears since. I was really hoping for a BFP but I guess it wasn't meant to be. ... (11 replies)
Need Some Comfort
May 22, 2003
... story I feel like I may be wrong. My cramps have been from about 3dpIUI and have gotten worse as time goes on and it is only 10dpIUI today and she had a BFN on 12dpIUI so maybe I was getting upset for nothing. Already cried my eyes out on DH and we have already discussed what to do if it doesn't work. ... (29 replies)
Need Some Comfort
May 22, 2003
... dpiui and the cramps continued to get worse and I was more than sure AF was showing her ugly head anyday. I even took a HPT 12dpiui and it was negative but the day of my Beta I got a BFP and am now almost 10 weeks pregnant with twins. Plus the cramps felt EXACTLY the same as AF. ... (29 replies)

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