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Hi Nikkiz,

I'd take a HPT too, just to rule out anything! You know what.. when I was ttc#1 I did injections too and thought I had a "period" after them and it didn't take. Little did I know, I was actually pregnant and miscarried my son's twin ! I was waiting and waiting and waiting for a period to "show up" so I could start another cycle of meds... I had to take a HPT before the dr. would let me take Provera to start my period and there was a BFP on the HPT! LOL so, you NEVER know what can happen! I got a beautiful son out of a "[I]I couldn't possibly be pregnant, could I?"[/I] LOL

On another note - this past cycle for me for example (ttc#2 with injections again) did not take - confirmed blood non-pregancy cycle and my cycle went 50 days w/o a period so of course, I needed Provera to jump start my period again (I have PCOS, too) and my period seemed nonexistant when it did finally arrive after provera. All I did was spot and it was more brown than red. It's obvious that our PCOS bodies sometimes don't make enough hormone to let our bodies know that we need to menstruate. Therefore, our linings never fully flourish enough for a "normal" shedding of blood.

Good Luck! :)

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