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Hi BCGirl, Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I am just really bummed out lately. Sorry to hear that rotten AF showed up for you too. I also never thought I would pursue IVF because of the cost, but now am considering rearranging my whole life to afford it. The chances of it working are rather slim (35-45% according to my RE - what stats are you being given for IVF?) Also , it will cost at least $10,000 - probably more as my re said probably 6 vials of follistim per day for at least 10 days plus the lupron and who knows what other drugs are involved.(What is the cash price for IVF at your re's office?) Am I supposed to second mortgage my home for something that is such a big gamble? Or shall I save that resource for an adoption?
Oh, I can't even imagine how your step-daughter's news must have made you feel - I think I would have gone off the deep end. I am currently resenting every pregnant person I know and harshly judging the parently skills of those people I know who do have kids. I don't leave the house much these days because being by people really brings me even further down, so I guess I am already off the deep end.
I wish I had something positive to say to you. I know the IVF funding would be a burden for me & DH to come up with (I will NOT put that on a credit card - I put my IUI on credit card and I know paying that off will p*ss me off) and don't ya just envy those people who actually have insurance coverage for this?! I imagine it makes everything much easier - gambling with someone else's money is always more fun. Well, January is a wash for me, not even going to try, so depressed I can't even shower or get dressed on a regular basis. We are currently painting and re-carpeting the upstairs of our home and were hopeful that we would have been fixing one of the rooms up to be a nursery, but now we are just leaving that room as-is. DH is at Home Depot now getting paint and I don't think I want to paint today. How do you keep your spirits up? I have good days and bad days, but lately it has been a lot of bad ones and I wish I could just "break out" of wanting to have a baby and go back to being happy, but now I've got this bug up my arse and I just hate being told I can't have something I want - makes me crazy! Usually I will do whatever it takes to get what I want, but this is a different bird....."where there's a will there's a way" doesn't mean squat in this game. Well, I guess I better get my painting clothes on. If you do IVF, are you doing it right away or saving up $ first? Like we have time for that, right?! Do you work? I quit my job this past February because I worked with chemicals and knew it wouldn't be safe if I was I guess I have to go get a meaningless job now to save for IVF. I just wonder how women work while going thru IVF - all the drugs making you crazy and all the doctor's appt.'s to keep. I imagine it would be rough. Well, keep me posted on your plans and I'll do the same. By the way, your support has been really great - it helps to have someone who understands. I really appreciate it! Best Wishes for the New Year - Sara

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