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Thanks Skysam! I hope you are taking it easy - I imagine you must be on Cloud 9!!!??? Well, move over, because I plan on being there soon myself!

BCGirl - Hey, I'm 38 too! (not that being 38 really excites me these days - the booming sound of the clock ticking, you know!)

What day are you going to test? I was told to do an ept 14 days after the IUI - so that would be the 23rd - but I hesitate to do that because my AF isn't even due until the 26th or 27th, and I think I would just be wasting a test. What do you think? I'll probably know before than anyhow, as I get cramps like clockwork 7 days before AF begins....
I really hope this final IUI works for you. Did you do injectibles with it? I did follistim and a trigger shot. I don't know if we will do another IUI or skip to IVF or what. Insurance covers nothing and the expense of treatment has been a bit steep for us.
Are you celebrating the holidays? I decided a couple months ago that I wasn't going to drag my butt out to the malls to shop for gifts with money I didn't have and then put myself through the stress of the whole ordeal this year. So, dh and I are staying home this year, which, in case of a BFN, would be best. And if it is a BFP, well then, I would like to spend that time alone with my dh to celebrate. I knew AF would be due around XMAS, and I knew I'd be emotional either way, so I just thought it would be best to not make plans.
Let me know if you have any positive signs or symptoms during your 2ww. I have really sore breasts and nausea, but it is most likely from the injectibles, as I had it before the IUI, so I won't really have any way to tell early.
Good Luck!-Sara

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