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Re: HSG test
Jan 1, 2004
I had the HSG test done about 7 months ago. I was sick following the procedure. I fainted and got sick to my stomach. I slept it off that night and the next day and I was fine. While I was having my tubes checked one of them the dye flowed through right away and the other it took some manuvering to pass through. One seems to be more open than the other. My doctor said this was not a big deal as there are plenty of women who only have one tube and still are able to get pregnant.
I used Clomid for 3 months and was unsuccessful. Everybody is different. Remember to stay positive. I am now on my last attempt with IUI with hormone shots at home. If this does not work I will go on to IVF.
Goodluck! I hope you are successful soon!

[QUOTE=SueP]I had the HSG done yesterday. I didn't really have any symptoms then of the cramping or anything. In the middle of the night I woke up with cramping and nausea feeling. Is this something that someone else has had to after having this test done or is it something I should be concerned about?? I found out yesterday that my right tube is ok but the left tube is very narrow. It is not blocked but had a hard time getting the dye to go through. My dr is having me go see another dr about being put on Clomid now. She is thinking that will do the trick for me. If anyone else has had this problem and can help me out by letting me know what they had to go through and if they had problems after Clomid I would appreciate it. I guess I am still a little worried that after finding out that we can have children at my age (33) that we will still run into an obstacle and not be able to have children. I have a 8 year old son. My dh does not have any but wants them in the worst way and I would love to have more to.
Thanks for any information or helpful support that you ladies can give me.
I appreciate it all.

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