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I just wanted to share my story. I had PCOS and Endo but didnt go through the whole insulin resistance that I know of as I am already a diabetic. I was TTC for 27 cycles before I finally got pregnant. I had a lap done in Dec of 97. It didnt much good. They put me on Clomid but it over stimulated the ovary and I had to be taken off. I was put on BCP's to regulate my hormones. Talk about crushed!! Who wants to be on BCP's when they are buying 2 packs of tests just so they dont waste the money month to month?!?!

I finally found a Dr who told me that I needed to have one of two things happen. I either needed to go with IUI or IVF as DH's sperm count was also VERY low. The morbidity was also very high so we were getting it from both sides. The second thing he suggested was a lap to remove the endo and an ovarian drilling. The ovarian drilling puts holes in the ovary to help it produce an egg. I did that in Dec of 98. I found out I was pregnant on Valentines Day of 99.

I had my daughter and immediately wanted to start trying again as I could not go through another 2 years of pain like that. I found out I was pregnant again in Feb of 2000. I had a son a year and nine days after my daughter.

I finally got to the point where I thought our good luck had run out. I started having problems with the cysts again and this time they removed the left tube and ovary. This finally made the right side act right and the hormones straighten out. My last child is now almost 18 months old.

I mentioned HAD PCOS and Endo as I finally felt that my family was complete and was dealing with too much pain. Last March at the age of 29, I had a complete hyst.

I agree that you might want to get a 2nd opinion just so you know that you are making the right decision. I just wanted to share my story and let you know that sometimes removing the bad tube and ovary can stimulate the other side to do what it needs to do. Good luck and I HTH

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