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Re: Gamine!
Jan 30, 2004
Hi girls !!!! I have been reading your post now for over three months !! I think you are two wonderful people !!!!! :D Gamine -- how are you doing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you still cramping and bleeding ?? I blead alittle at fiirst but just alittle and it was dark dark brown -- my Re said that it was just old blood and I needed to take it easy more ! I heard the dark blood meant that you was filtering out something that didn't belong there and that it was ok ----- I have been worried about you !! Is it dark or red ?? Your boss is a A** !! You have a woman boss -- right !!! well just ignore her -- she's just jelly or something. so when is your next appt. -- did you go to a regular obgyn yet...... hey are you talking progestrone still......I will be 12 weeks sunday and I quit my progestrone sunday. I am so excited to finially talk to you --- I hope you response back soon so I can see how you are doing. I've been keeping tracking of you too for awhile now !!

Nic -- how are you doing !!!! what did the RE say your big day is !! I hoping for sunday !!!!!!!! Do you know all of your numbers yet. I can't what to see how many they retrieve !!!!!!!!!!! :bouncing: Did you lite you candles last night !!!!

hey gamine have you choosen any names yet -- I like dylan david for a boy (my dad's name is david) and Jordyn Jean for a girl (Jean after my mom) I have triplet nieces so I am hoping for a boy BUT a girl would be just as wonderful !!!!

Well I am thinking of both of you !! take care and it is nice finally chatting with you too !!!!!!!!

c ya !! :wave:
Re: Gamine!
Feb 2, 2004
hey girls !!!! what a game huh !!! I watch some of it !!

so how are you feeling nick.... ? will the call you today with a update !?? I can't wait -- I will check back tonight at home --- I'm sorry I did check in Friday night to see what was going on with you -- I really wanted to wish you lots of luck before your retrievel but It's in the bag for you this time... we will all be BFP soon !!!! Didn't they do Iccsy ???? I had 8 follicles and they Iccsied 3 of them but only 2 of them fertilized. So wednesday is the big day !!!!!!!!! Bust out the skycandles and relax !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey gamine----- why did they stop your progestrone ??? My RE said that we don't start producting our own progestrone until we reach 12 weeks. I just finished my yesterday (12 wks yest) and I am still worried !! I guess if my boobs stop hurting so much -- I will take myself to the doctor and get some more progestrone -ha !! I was on the injections up until 10 1/2 weeks . How are you feeling ?? Are you tired alot ?? sick ? My next appt. with a obgyn is feb 16. I don't think they are taking a U/S though !! I wish they would !! I can't wait to see him or her. I am going to find out what I am having -- I just think it will be easier and fun to start buy now !! why wait -- who wants to go shopping after you have a baby ???? When is your next appt. ?? You should be able to see you babies move by now !!!!!!!! My little one was moving all over the place at 10 weeks -- legs -- arms --- all over !!! so exciting !!!!!!!!!!!. I was carrying twins -- but my one stopped growing -- It was hard because I did see a heart beat --- he just was so so small. :angel: I did everything that I could -- but !!! well that is why my RE kepted me on injections (prog) so long !!! ARe you going to find out what you are having ??

WELL MY Freinds -- I better get some work done !!! Nic -- I will check on you alll day today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THink positive and happy thoughts !!

c Ya !!
Re: Gamine!
Feb 5, 2004
hey Nic !! You really have some wonderful news --- both or you !!!!

Nic -- I know it is going to work this time !! take it easy and picture them little ones sticking to them nice prepared walles. Get ready because your life is fixing to change...., You will soon be glowing like me and gamine... so we should know something around 19 th for sure -- ha that is when I go back to my Ob.. great day !!!!! please get out them skycandles and relax -- you work tooo much !! go to the beach this weekend -- do something relaxing and positive. :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing: We are going to have another baby or babies !!!!!!!!!!!!!! BFP BFP ...... do they have you on progestrone ????

gamine....., it's so real now ----- !!!!!!!!!!!! you seen your little ones move... It's a wonder feeling -- huh ??!!!!!! so they look nice and big ?? It's so amazing how they are already moving.... I won't get so see my little one for another month and half -- I can't wait to see how big my baby is getting. I know I have been feeling alittle sick every now and then.., I think my baby is moving up now behind my rib cage... I don't know..... how are you feeling.. you never told me or you bleeding dark old blood or red... I am just curious.., I am so happy that your Ob said that everything was looking great -- I understand your worry..., well you need to take it easy too !!! I work till 1:00 and practically go home and lay down (most of the time). hey did you tape you U/S ? TWINS -- that is so wonderful.... I thought for sure you would be having triplets -- I knew you would have more than one !! just like nic ------ she will probably have twins toooo. !!!!!!!!!!! this is our time -- maybe we can all move to the preg. board together or we can just stay here (or something )) ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish we could all get together and have a big party celebrate !!!!!!!!!!!!!

take care mom's !!!!!!!!!!

Re: Gamine!
Feb 6, 2004
well my girl..., its all in God's hands now !!!!!! Maybe that is why you appoint. have been cancel ---- he's telling you to rest. hey -- what is this co-Q10 ??? and baby asprin ????????? did you RE tell you to take that ??? You are taking progestrone to thickin you walls and the baby asprin is thinning it ????? I know every doctor is different but he told me no asprins.

My due date is Aug 16 !!!!!!!!!!! I think I am starting to show -- I just can't tell because my tummy was bloated (fat) anyway from the injections.... I gained about 20 pounds this last year !!!!!!!!!!!! :bouncing:

well take care my friend !!! tell your husband to pamper you -- don't be walking up and down them stairs !!!!!!!!! I know inplantation is within 48 hours of transfer !!!!!!!!!! when is your test day ???

well have a nice weekend -- snowy !!!!!!!!!! cool ----- c ya monday !!!
I'll be praying and thinking of you all weekend.

Re: Gamine!
Mar 5, 2004
hey nic !!!! :) I will post monday as soon as I get home !!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting excited and alittle nervous !!

you have prescription insur !!!!!!!!!!!!! :bouncing: :bouncing: that is great news !!!!!!!!!! April is a good month to start back up !!!!!!!!!! My B-day is April 1 st -- ha April Fools day !!! I will be 35. You sound so positive -- I really think taking this time off was a great idea !!! BUT -- you working --- now nic ---- didn't you tell me that you own your business ?? - take some time off !!!!! just think , the money you are saving with prescription insurance etc -- you can afford it !!!!! get rid of your stress - my girl !!!

Now let me see if I understand this --------- the cronine progestrone is oral ?? and the PIO -- I guess means progestrone injection oil ??? lol I was on the injections for 12 wks -- but you wouldn't have to take the injections that long but you should take progestrone until your 12 wk !! The injections are twice as effective !! No !! don't take both of them -- too much progestrone is not good for you !!!!!!! I would take the injections for about 9 wks and then switch to the pills (4 times a day) that is what everyone else was doing at the clinic but it was different for me because I was in the study and taking the injection was better when it came to my twin. :angel:

anyway progestrone injections does hurt -- but -- I would do it again !!

nic !!!!!!! I am so happy your IVF is covered fully !! That alone takes alot of stress off you !! Everything really sounds good for you !! I know it is going to work !!! hey aren't you gonna be on antagon too ---instead of lupron ??!!!
what meds are you planning on using ?? follistem - repronex or bravella ?? the antagon would be good for you !!! faster stim. and alot less time !!!

well I better get to work !!!! -- hey gamine !!!!!!!!! how are you doing !! WE are looking forward in hearing from you !!!!!!!!!

take care both of you !!!!!!!! have a nice, happy, stressful weekend !!! I am watch my nieces tommorrow !!!!!!!!!! (all three of them) I haven't watched them in along time !! well since I found out I was pregnat. One of them (allison) was grabbing my stomach the other day and she had my baby in her hand talking to it -- it was so cute --- alittle strange ha !! but cute..

well take care !! happy thoughts !!!
c ya !! MONDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wave: :bouncing:
Re: Gamine!
Apr 8, 2004
good morning! :wave:

Wow, I missed you two!

Happy Birthday again Nici! That story is INSANE! 16 floors?!?! I mean, I know exercise is sorta supposed to be good for us, but sheesh! If there is another blackout here in the northeast I am not going anywhere - I work on the 16th and live on the 18th! I am sorry that you did not get your room - what happened? At least a balcony can be nice! And congrats on the win! Now, if only you had the J-Lo mom luck on that dollar slot, you would have owned the whole casino! And it is so sweet that you went to toys R us with it to get a gift for Maci.

Nicky! Today is the gonal-f day? O this is so great - I can totally imagine you feel at least two ways about this, if not 3, 4, 5 - now don't forget to look for low sodium v-8! Now what is this baloney with the insurance company? What kind of trouble? What were they waiting for to tell you? I hate insurance - still waiting to get back more of the $4500 we spent for the reduction, they only sent $1100 so far, and that will really not pay back my in-laws. Whatever happens, we know you will do whatever it takes to have a little one. I have faith in you, and will be thinking about you and those nice little gonal-f needles! Enjoy them while you can 'cause when you get pregnant, the progestrone needles are the same ones as the HCG!

Here is a funny progesterone story - my dh and I had regular doctor appointments - you know, there are actually doctors out there besides RE's and OBs- he told her he was giving me shots, and when she asked what they were, he almost said TUNA IN OIL instead of Progestrone in oil! :jester:

I got my amnio results on Tuesday, and they came back confusing for all concerned - the genetic stuff was ok, but the levels of two other things were elevated in both babies, which could have meant badness. BUT it turns out that is because of the reduction! Could they PLEASE HAVE CHECKED THAT BEFORE CALLING ME TO COME IN RIGHT AWAY FOR A DETAILED ANATOMICAL ULTRASOUND!? they made me think insane upsetting things! I am begging for just one dull moment in this pregnancy!

Not that my two little DAUGHTERS could be dull. Yes ladies, I have two little girls! :bouncing: Huge girls! 12 and 13 ounces! If they keep growing at this rate I will be running out of room! I am due 8/26 but it is really unlikely that i will get past early August.

So let the names begin! We had Rachel Molly picked out already, and the dh wants to pick the other name himself. I get to pick her middle name (Rachel was my choice after my grandmother, he liked Molly). What do you think of Fiona, Emma or Alanna? Can you tell he is Irish? What middle names go with those?

Now I can go back to being my normal self, which was not the scared stress monster I had become. both girls looked fine, the doc said not to be concerned, and I am doing fine as well, and it feels so good to not be burdened with fear. Thank you both so much for supporting me in this!

I hope you have wonderful days!

Re: Gamine!
Apr 22, 2004
Alright Nic !!!!!!!!!!!!! that is great !!! 9 !!! So how many are you planning to put back !! you forgot to tell us that !!!! :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing: they are just bouncing to get to growing !!! Did you ask them what they were all graded at ???? a 8 and 6 cell is great !! MY two were both 8's one was just better than the other !! Now nic --- about your friend ! --- I agree with gamine -- let her come to you !!! I stayed in bed for days ---- was even served lunch in bed !!!! You have such a hard head ----- stay you tell in bed and enjoy some time OFF !!!! The plantation is within the first 48 hours !!!! Get you some good movies and kick your feet up girl !!!! When will you start progestrone -- are you doing injections -- ouch !! ha !! I like your comment about boston Rob ---- I'm not sure who I really want to win --- I may change my mind !!

gamine -- my little girl is kicking and moving alot !!! she is really something else -- When I do too much --- she gets to kicking -- like she is telling me to lay down -- ha !! I have to start eating better too !! My triplet nieces are all different -- 2 have brownish black and one is a blonde -- all different looks with there own different ways !! so who knows -- you may have a blond and brunette !!! I am so glad your u/s we great !! Are you thinking of doing a 3D u/s ??? I am doing one -- I figure it would be great to keep -- my insurance doesn't pay for it -- but its only 200.00 ---- I think it would be a great thing to have ---- I have to wait until I get 28 to 30 wks. I can't believe I will be 24 wks (6 months) this sunday !! wow --- it is really flying by huh !!!!

well nic --- get ready ----- your little angle will be here soon !!!!!! BFP !!!

take care all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I predict nic to have twin girls too !! what do you think gam ?????????????????????? We will have all girls !! ha !! Girls Rules !!

Re: Gamine!
May 3, 2004
lol --- you both are so crazy !!!! I got a good laugh out of both of y'all's post !! thanks so much Dr. gam and Dr. nic !!!! ha!!!

first off -- Nic --- PRogestrone does make you very moody but think of all of the other injections you have been taken too ----- mooody moody !!! Today is the day !!! -- I'm sure you are at the RE right now -- so I can't wait to hear your results ----- I just know a BFP is on its way !!!!!! Please post as soon as you find out -- I will check in tonight at home !! I thought about you both over the weekend ---- The things we have been through and still going through !!

second off -- Dr. gamine ----- are you taking it easy ??? sounds like you are working too much too ------- kick you feet up girl and relax more !!!

well over the weekend me and gf but my changing table together -- it was sort of fun -- she really did most of it ---- this was one of the first things she ever put together -- it was funny trying to explain things to her. we didn't talk about too much ----------untillllllllllllll yesterday evening -- she went to the store and when she came back I knew something was wrong with her...., she talked to her daughter and pretty much told her that she was going to move with her.., I just told her that I thought it was wrong of her daughter to ask her to move out of town --(it's like a 2 hours away) she needs her mom -- she is divorcing her husband ---- alot of guilt is being played right now ---- she is just wanting her mom away from me and to change her life but in the mean time take care of her and her son. gf did do things in the past that I really don't understand ----- she was married for 18 years --- left 5 years ago to change her life --- now she is living with alot of guilt ---------- so really maybe if she went she would face her own demons and try and make things right within herself......... I give up !!!

I just don't want to be alone again ----- but I can do this ---- My girl is coming !!!!! she will be here before you know it...., but you know I just have to say one more thing -------- I know when it comes to your kids NO-One comes before them --------- but I've been there for her these last 3 years --- I thought we were like a family --- I've worked hard for another died in relationship ------------- maybe I should just change my ways too !! lol
all I need is my baby --- we won't have time for anyone else !!!!

well take care --- I will check back later -- thanks again for the posts -- love them !!!

Re: Gamine!
May 4, 2004
nick --- remember something -- I had over 25 IUI's and finally my second to last IUI I had a beta test of a 10 --- I was so happy . My re told me to stay in bed all weekend and double up on progestrone pills. Even though My number never turned higher --- It gave me alot of hope..., It was like God telling me --- ok -- It will work for me .., just not this time -- don't give up. After that I had one more failed IUI until I finanlly went to IVF. So, I know how you feel --- its shows a neg. ----- but you feel alot more positive about things for next time. How are your other embroes ?????? did they freeze ok.., ?? WE are very strong women ---- keep your positive thinking !!

What did your RE actually say ?????? Don't take a break -- You have insurance that covers everything ---- right !!!! go for it !! Your dream will come true !!!!


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