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Hi Shannon!
I had my 3rd IUI on Christmas Eve. Here is my understanding of how all this stuff works. Remember though, I'm not really a dr. I just play one on the internet. ;)

During all three of my IUI's I have used HPT's prior to my beta test. There is a possibility that you will receive a false positive from the residual hcg in your system, only of course if you took an hcg trigger prior to the IUI. The way to get around the false positive is to begin to test starting around dpo 7-9 and to test until you get a negative. In theory any tests after that point that are positive will be accurate.

For example, on my first cylcle I began testing on day 7, received a positive and continued testing until day 10 when I recieved a negative. I then tested on day 13 and it was still negative. Consequently, my beta turned out negative also. Depending on the hpt you use (some test lower hcg levels than others) you may be able to receive an accurate reading prior to your beta. Some test as low as 25hcg. In theory, a healthy pregnancy should have an hcg level of 100+ on dpo 14, so testing early with a sensitive test should work in those cases.

BTW--Mature follicles are considered 18-25 mm.

I tested last night and got a BFN also. :(

Hope this helps! I'm wishing you lots and lots of luck!

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