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Hi, Laura from Wisconsin here. I'm still fairly new to the board but really love it so far. Thanks to all for sharing your humor, anger, sadness and hope. You've given me strength during a difficult time and made me realize I'm not alone.

Anyway. I recently had my second IUI (Monday the 5th) after taking clomid (150 mg). At this point, I'm thinking it didn't work, and my heart is sinking by the day as I become more premenstrual. My question is about the success rates of IUI's. My doctor said the rate is roughly 10-20% when you're on clomid, and that she'll likely only try 3 rounds of that before moving to injectibles and IUI. That is mind boggling to me... With millions of sperm running around my fallopian tubes, how can just ONE not ravage my little egg? Why are the success rates so low? Is it the fertilization of the egg that's the problem, or the implantation of the fertilized egg? Where does the challenge lie? And also, why is 3 rounds the magic number?

These numbers and statistics make me weary... Thanks for any insight you have. Baby dust to everybody.
Hi Laura - I'm Sara from Illinois. I will begin my 2nd IUI with injectibles in a week or so. I am 38 and was given an 8% success rate. I wish I had the answers to your very good questions. I have unexplained infertility, and for the life of me can't figure out why I can't get pg, even with IUI when doctor says everything seems "perfect". Everyone I know who has tried IUI got pg (first or 2nd try, but I only know of three people). What do you mean with your reference to third try? Have you been told about statistics that say the third try works best? I did my first IUI in December, took a month off, and will do another one at the end of this month. Did you do your IUI's back-to-back, or did you take a break also? I hope this one works for you! - Sara
Hi Sara, thanks for your response! In terms of my reference to the third try, I have no clue if statistics say the third try works best -- I was just asking why my doctor will only try it three times before moving on to a different treatment plan. (I've seen other women on this board who also say that their doctors won't try it beyond three times.) I don't understand this...

As for doing my IUIs back to back, yes, that's what I've been doing. I have a very proactive doctor who wanted me to get going right away as I have an elevated FSH level for a 30-year-old (my results came back at an 11). I'd rather just keep going back to back while my heart is in this. I don't know how long I'll be able to last. The stress and anxiety (and MOOD SWINGS -- holy cow does Clomid make me feel BATTY!!) are just about more than I can bear.

So did you go right to injectibles with your IUIs, or did you try Clomid first? How are the injectibles? How do they compare with Clomid? I'd love to hear your experience with the injectibles since I'm assuming that's what I'll have to do in a month or two (assuming the IUI I had last week doesn't work, nor does the IUI next month).

I hope yours works for you! Baby dust --
Hey Girls, after I have laparoscopy surgery on February 5th I will be doing IUI's with injectibles. I didn't respond very well to clomid so he is going straight to injectibles. I have been given the magic number of 3 also. He will do 3 IUI's and then he suggests IVF. I asked him for a success rate on the IUI he told me 50%. He may be giving me that percentage because of what he already knows about me. I have PCOS and was ovulating on Clomid with Glucaphage but I just didn't get pregnant. If all goes well with the laparoscopy and I have two good tubes he said I can pretty much count on getting pregnant. But saying that and it actually happening is two different things. I'm having a hard time staying confident.

So who nows, I guess its really just a hit and miss thing. But a cross my fingers for all of us that this is our year.
HI SARA! My RE is at the Infertility Institute at St. Lukes Hospital in St. Louis.
And he did tell me I had a 50% chance in the 3 IUI's he would do. If both my tubes are ok he was very confident that I would conceive.

I am 30 years old. I have been TTC since August 2002. I have PCOS but was ovulating on Glucaphage alone and on CLomid with Glucaphage. So maybe he feels that the injectibles will work really well for me. I was kind of suprised myself when he told me 50%. Because the most I have ever read about is 20%.

But he is really good I think. I have been going to him since June 2003. He doesn't try one thing for very long. His philosophy is if it doesn't work after 3 times its time to try something else because his main goal to help me TTC.

I hope this helps.

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