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[FONT=Arial] Hi, I am new here.

I am wondering if anyone has been successful conceiving with an fsh of 3 and progestrone level of 15. I've read that 15 is the lowest progestrone should be, and I'd rather not take anything if I don't have to.

were any fertility drugs involved? was it a natural conception, IUI or IVF? how long, how many attempts did it take?

my dh had a vasectomy reversal, but the little buggers are too slow. just started him on proxeed, which the doc says will increase count and motility. I've read about it as well. I just don't know how much it increases motility. I wonder if it is compounding - if he continues after 3 months, will the next "batch" be faster than the first batch produced with proxeed? (understanding that it takes 3 mos.for dh to produce new buggers)

I keep hearing about fertility shots - what is this? My dr said he may want to put me on clomid so that I will ovulate more, is this a shot? I also thought fsh was the indicator used to tell whether your are ovulating and my fsh is great??? I'm confused.


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