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[QUOTE=Laroussi]I'm 36 yrs old and just had a lap/hyst with a disappointing outcome. I had endo a few years ago and had surgery to remove a cyst, this (along with reacuring endo) has blocked my tubes and the doc has told me my only way forward now is through IVF.

I'm obviously very upset and dont know how I will cope with the emotional strain and pressure, not the mention the financial stress it will bring, and I just wondered if any of you have any success stories to pass on?

I'm currently taking Arvecap injections to stop my periods for 2 months and I've been told that due to my age I'll have to start my first IVF cycle straight after that.

Any advice/true experiences greatly appreciated, thanks.[/QUOTE]

I did a fresh cycle IVF in Dec. of 01. It resulted in an ectopic pg and I lost my right tube. In May of 02, we did a frozen embryo transfer (FET) that resulted in the birth of our son in Jan. 03. With the fresh IVF cycle we retrieved 22 eggs. Not all of them were mature. Because I have severe endo and lots and lots of scar tissue, history of ovarian cysts, they had originally thought they wouldn't do ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection..I believe someone else here may have also referred to this as ICCY) but a few weren't fertilizing as well as they had hoped so they did ICSI some of them. Out of the 22 retrieved, 8 did not fertilize and 3 stopped growing and were not able to be transferred or frozen. We transferred 3 (and did initially get pg but it was ectopic) and we froze 8 embies at the "blast" stage. When we went back to do FET, we wound up having to thaw all 8 just to get two decent embies for transfer. That resulted in our son who is just a little over a year old.

Our insurance did not cover IVF either and it was very difficult. I was 31 at the time we began the process with no children and 2 miscarriages in my past (from natural conception). We wound up selling some things to pay for the IVF but in the end, it was well more than worth it. I also was able to find the medications cheaper through a pharmacy recommended by my clinic. Occassionally some clinics will have meds donated to them from previous clients and they will give you those for free or at a low cost. It's worth checking in to.

We are gearing up to do another IVF this fall. Currently we are saving our money so we can go ahead. I have also already gotten some of the meds. During my last IVF I used Follistim (1 amp in the a.m. and 2 in the p.m.) and Reproxex (1 amp a.m. and p.m) as well as Progesterone in Oil (PIO), estrace tablets, doxycycline and some other meds. THe most expensive were the Follistim, PIO, Repronex and the HCG injection (used just before retrieval). [COLOR=Sienna][removed][/COLOR]

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