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... So, since 6dpo I have had an array of symptoms that are for me, WAY stronger (and earlier in cycle) than any PMS symptoms ever before. I have felt: exhasuted, dizzy, having to frequent the bathroom more often, cramping and stretching type cramping, breast soreness, tingling, and fullness, had a really strong sense of smell recently, my areolas seem darker and nausia for the... (3 replies)
... I PROMISE I will not test until 14dpo ... i told DH to hide the HPT's until tuesday ... so I think I am ok on that front ... thank you for the encouragement and the HUGS.... ... (8 replies)
... thanks ladies all for your support.. ive struggled with what to do, but i decided to just wait the 4 more days for beta!! tomorrow will be 14dpo and i figured it should come out on an hpt, but why be upset for the next 4 days if it it negative, every time i take my pills or have to get an injection i will feel it is useless, so i just gotta make it these last couple days, and... (26 replies)

... I've heard of many women who got BFNs on hpts but BFPs on BETAs. Don't know how or why that works, but it is possible that you still are. :angel: The other ladies are right, it is very early to tell anything. Just to remind you, my first BETA at 14dpo (ER) was only a 28. That never would have shown up on any hpt the day before, let alone 4 days before!! Please have faith.... (26 replies)
IVF 11dp3dt
May 16, 2011
... I know i am probably clutching at straws here but has anyone tested negative BFN at 11dp3dt and then gone on to get a BFP? ... (0 replies)
1week left
Sep 15, 2006
... Well I am 8dpo (8dpiui), and I held my pee from 4am until 815 am and poas...well BFN.(trigger is out of my system) I know that it is too early and I have been reading alot of post and the majority seems to be positive between 10-14dpo. I do have tender/sore bb and nips today, I ate last night at midnight b/c I was starving (but I didnt eat much early that day). I also have the... (27 replies)
... Jayme please take KM's advice... she is sooo correct... You are not out of the running... It is rare that people get BFP's that early... Normally it is around 14dpo and sometimes even longer... I am not given up I am 11dpo and there is still hope... ... (70 replies)
... the definite answer regardless. But, if you can't hold out, do it but don't look too much into it! For my first IVF, I did POAS the day before my test and got a BFN which helped me to prepare for my negative blood test the next day. The frozen and fresh cycle to follow, I waited it out but was soooo nervous both times... ... (72 replies)
... Thanks ladies!:angel: I am hoping...but next month is another month to try if I'm not. It's not the end of the world if I'm not. I keep trying to tell myself that. I just really hope that I don't have to go through ANOTHER IVF!! And, I was really thinking this was it so it will be truly disappointing if I'm actually not pg!:( (3 replies)
... KM - I am convinced it is just too early for the HCG to show up... sending you (((HUGS)))... pls hang on... I am sure your BFP will come up in the next day or two...... is there someplace you can get a blood test?... are you still consulting your RE?... or can you just walk in to a lab for a test? Thinking of you and praying that tomorrow will bring you your BFP :angel: (3 replies)
... Hi Km I think that it could be early for a HPT to pick up the HCG hormone, especially if it was late implantation. Have you requested a blood test? As long as AF has not shown her ugly face then there is still a chance you could be pg. I hope that you get you BFP. It would truly be a miracle. Good luck and I be thinking of you. Charlene *****sending tons of baby dust... (3 replies)
... my temps are still "higher" and I just starting feeling nausia over the past 2 days (in morning and after lunch)and my breasts are still sore as ever!! But...I took a hpt this morning (14dpo) and it was BFN! I'm not sure if I should believe it or believe the fact that it may just be too early! I thought with all these symptoms for over a week, that it would show up right away!... (72 replies)
Mar 9, 2008
... I've been dying to get on the boards (not because I have anything exciting to tell :mad:), my internet has been down at home so I've had to wait to get to DH's work computer to get on the boards. I tested this morning and it was a BFN. I didn't have any more spotting (few days back) which is pretty unusual- I think it's the effect of Endometrin keeping AF away. I actually... (53 replies)
... Hi ladies :) thanks so much for your lovely wishes... Leesa -- so sorry about your bfn... and it must be so frustrating to have the cysts hold things up :mad:... pls take care of yourself and hope you can start a new cycle really really soon! Kari -- I completely understand your not thinking very positively about your cycle (in fact I feel the same way about mine)...... (20 replies)
... es, I've experienced this all before and had BFN's. But, I've also never noticed the EWCM as I did last Tuesday. I'm going to try hanging in there until at least 14DPO to test. Ugh, this is so hard. I'm sure you and everyone else can certainly understand! ... (44 replies)
2WW anyone else
Jun 20, 2007
... but you know, even when I had a bfp's last year neither of them showed up until 14DPO so perhaps I should have learned my lesson by now!! ... (102 replies)
... Hi Bella. I hear ya. I'm in the same boat almost. Today is 14dpo, and I tested this morning, bfn. My RE doesn't do beta's, only to confirm a positive urine test. I think I'll wait until Tuesday (16dpo), and if it's still negative, I will stop my progesterone supplements, and hope for AF to arrive. Next cycle, I am going to be starting follistim for the first time. ... (13 replies)
... this 2ww is driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was our first IUI and I cant help but be hopeful and on the other hand I am so used to getting that BFN that I can't expect anything else!!! I am at 3dpo and will not test until at least 10dpo or if i can be patient then 14dpo which is Feb 20th ... ... (285 replies)
Losing hope
Dec 2, 2006
... Aimee--I know it's hard, but don't lose hope yet! I think it was RedOnion that had a very, very faint BFP on 13dpo, so faint she almost threw out the HPT thinking it was BFN. So there's still time. And I also remember someone else a few months back who didn't get a BFP until 14dpo, very faint. You still have 2-3 days more before giving up!! Even though you may not feel... (15 replies)
Who's in the 2ww?
Nov 21, 2006
... RedOnion--CONGRATULATIONS on being PREGNANT!! I think you should just sit back, relax and bask in the realization that yes you are pregnant. :) I think your number is good. Actually, I read on a website the other day that a beta of 48 was average at 14dpo. So you're good!! I remember someone else who used to be on this board had her first beta at like 28 and they were a... (138 replies)

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