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I can definately relate to the 2ww after IUI. When I had my first IUI last fall my blood test to see if I was pregnant came back negative. Then they told me if AF didn't visit me within a week I needed to do another blood test. And so that happened and the blood test came back positive. They said I had a late implantation. Imagine the agony of all that waiting I had up to that point. So I want you to know I can relate to all of your feelings through this. Do you know though that my boss(who has elected not to have children) told me she didn't understand why I was always anxious because most women don't find out they're pg that soon. That made me so mad because I'm not and neither is anyone else on this board like most women. We have to fight for our dream to have a baby. Anyway, I had to deal with my boss 5 days a week for 8 hours every day like that. And when I miscarried she said she knew something like that would happen, and I shouldn't have told anyone I was pg and I shouldn't have gotten excited. Can you believe that? I could not deprive myself of that happiness up to the point I miscarried, because everything might have been fine then I would have regreted not being excited during that time period. Hang in there, I know how you feel, and I will be visited by AF in a couple more weeks, then we will do IUI again. I am so glad to know I have this board this time around and I can get on here everynight and tell all my feelings and people will write back understanding what I feel and be supportive and encouraging. Baby dust!!!!!

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