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Please help me
Mar 10, 2004
I have a 5 year old son and now I want to have another child. I have been off BC pills for 2 1/2 years. After i got off BC pills i noticed that i would spot 3 to 4 days and then stop the day before i went on my period. Then i would be heavier for around a day or two then back to spotting for 3 to 4 days. i asked my dr about it and he told me not to worry because it could take me up to a year after getting off BC pills for my period to get back normal. Last Feb my hubby and i stopped trying not to get pregnant but we weren't really trying too. In October of last year we started really trying. I never tried with my first son, it just happened. Well i charted my temp for 3 months and it did show i was ovulating. I would start off at 97.0 and it would get up to 98.3. Well after 3 months i couldn't take it anymore. Overwhelming. So i started using ovulation kits for 3 months now. Well on my 26 day of this month i took a pregnancy test and it had a faint line. That night i started spotting. So Monday morning which was 2 days later, i took another test and there was no line. Now Wed today after spotting for 3 days like i normally do before a period I am now starting my period and cramping. I dont understand why its so hard for me to get pregnant this time. I'm so upset. My sister which is 5 years older was never able to have any kids because she had stage 3 endometriosis which she had sergury for but didn't help hers since she had it bad. She just went through a historectomy. I am so lucky to at least have one child but i want another. My periods are light but my sister tells me I probably have endometriosis too since i have pain during my period when i have to use the bathroom (#2). Does this sound like endometriosis or does it sound like low progesterone? I have an apt with the dr next Wed but i have been so upset. Thanks sorry so long. By the way my ovulation kits did show that i was ovulating. Any suggestions?

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