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Hi everyone,

Can I just start with a big THANKYOU. I was having a really bad day at work today, did a quick check and saw your messages and they really helped me.

So here is my full story which is a bit different to the others I've read but could have something to do with the fact that I am in Australia!

I'm 37, DH is 39 and has had a vasectomy during his first marriage. He has 2 sons (11 & 9) who we have joint custody of, but dearly would like one of ours too. So we have gone straight into an IVF/ICSI cycle. I took a nasal spray (Synarel) to stop my natural hormone prodn, then on D2 of AF started Puregon (an FSH) injectionsfor about 15 days. Many B/tests and U/s's later I had 15 follicles for collection which was on 8 Apr (only 10 collected. I had ET on the 10th ( so my clinic does 2 day trf's too Merana). Only 5 of the 10 fertilised and they trf'd one and froze the others. Since then its just been the Crinone Prog gel. Not wanting to get too icky with details but it comes with an applicator and has to be squirted in!

I don't mind the treatment so much, but the info with it lists a heap of side effects, one of which is cramps. I've had these since about D2 on it and they fill me with fear that AF is coming as the feeling is identical, but so far no spotting after 5 days of cramps. I am going slightly crazy however with the worry of it all! Esp today at work, could hardly keep the tears away all day.

So thats my story. I'm very glad to have found this forum and to be able to share with people who know the feelings I'm having. I have some really supportive friends but I'm sure they are going to get sick of me soon, feel like all I do is worry and whine about the treatment! Do you all feel that you have become a bit self obsessed with the process of it all, or am I just stressing too much :)

Thanks again

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