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Yeah, this can all be pretty confusing. I started TTC when I was 29 and didn't get in to a doctor until I was over 30 (I'm in Canada...had to wait 7 mos. for a referral from family doc). I tried 3 IUIs first and I'm sorry I did. I know they work for some people but I feel like I wasted time I could have been spending on IVFs.

Then I tried one IVF cycle but was cancelled as I wasn't responding to the drugs. I had been suppressed with Suprefact and stimulated with Puregon. Second cycle they skipped the suppression. I ended up with two follicles - they could only retrieve one, we went ahead with a day 3 transfer but no pg. Then my RE in Canada said either adopt or get an egg donor. I had a hard time accepting this as I was only 32 by this point...we went to CRMI in NY (best in the world) to give IVF one last try. I figured if it didn't happen there it wasn't going to happen. I was on an aggressive drug protocol (Microdose Lupron with Gonal-F and Repronex) but still only had one follicle that was growing and other insignificant ones. I was cancelled and they did an insemination anyway so as not to completely waste my time. That was in March and we started proceeding with the donor egg option in NY but I'm at the point now where it's the baby and family I want - the pregnancy is less important. The donor egg option isn't going away. We'll try and adopt our first and then in a few years I'll try and get pregnant with a donor egg.

We've been very lucky so far in that our drugs have been covered by my husband's drug plan and we've paid for all our treatments out of pocket, which can get a little out of control, especially in the States.

Our infertility issues are "unexplained". Sperm is fine, tubes are open and all tests normal. Feb was my highest day 3 FSH ever at 18, prior to that my highest was 12, which isn't really sky high. But the doctors figure it's likely a premature ovarian failure. That's why I kick myself about the IUIs.

My advice to you is go to a really good clinic - not just one that offers the three tries for one price option. Some of these clinics are good but it really makes a difference when the docs and lab are top notch and sometimes the really good ones don't operate that way. The CDC (centers for disease control) website has a really comprehensive listing of all the fertility clinics in the states and all their success rates. The two clinics that were highly recommended to me by an infertility consultant were CRMI in NY [COLOR=Red][B][REMOVED] [/B][/COLOR] and the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine [COLOR=Red][B][REMOVED][/B][/COLOR]

Has your doctor given you any insight into why you're having trouble getting pregnant? Other than the Clomid have you and your husband had all the requisite tests??

All the best.

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