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Re: AF coming :(
Jun 9, 2004
Hi Guys!!

I have had a very busy afternoon!!! My dh and I have been paying for my meds on our credit card. Well today I went online to my dh's insurance to see about ivf and found that his company DOES cover repronex, bravelle and ovidrel, all the meds I have been on for the past 5 months!! About $5000 worth!!! So I am in the process of compiling all the receipts so we can see if the insurance company will reimburse us. If they do cover the drug would they be required to reimburse us? I even called and checked with his insurance company before we started this and the customer service rep said they were not covered. I am so fired up!!!

I know what you mean about gaining weight!! I have had clomid and injectibles!! I have been back to working out regularly and I feel so much better. Its probably only a couple of pounds but everything I have been gaining has been in the gut/hip/butt area so to have a couple come off there feels good!! Hopefully I can lose it before I start ivf and gain it all back!!!

I love food!!! I love sweets and carbs!!! I tried Atkins once and it sucked!!! I just have to exercise, if I don't I will pack it on!!

S - that is funny that you test on the 19th - I am due to start on the 18th!! Dh and I have been doing bd the "normal" way. That has been nice (for a change). So it is possible that we could all get pg this month (probably not for me but you never know, those herbs might help me along!!) .

Talk to you guys later!!!

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