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Re: AF coming :(
May 20, 2004
Even though we are all ranting and raving about stuff, you guys always make me laugh about stuff. :D

It's hard for me to keep track of exactly how long all of this has been going on for me but it's been about 4 years. We tried about a year before really discussing anything w/a dr. Then, like you D- we had another year with the OB/GYN in which I did get pg. on my own but m/c'd. I did 4 months of Clomid after all of that and then I think last Sept. she referred me to RE where he found I had a gene mutation (that could have contributed to m/c) and that I had fibroids. So I had 2 months of Lupron (puts you into about hot flashes!!) during this time we actually had to have protected BD. Jan. had the fibroids removed (which by the way were outside the uterus and not contributing to IF) and finally in Feb. had my first IUI. So, are you totally bored with my whole life story?! :yawn:

Working out...I usually workout every morning lifting weights and running and biking. But after my IUI's I usually just walk for about the 2ww partly b/c I want to be careful partly because I'm lazy! I gained about 20 lbs. in the 3 months before my surgery...eek! :eek: After I went off that I lost about 10 right away but now I swing up and down day to day. It's frustrating but I figure it's temporary so I try not to get down about it.

L- I totally know how you feel about everyone around you getting pg. I joke w/DH that all anyone needs to do to get pg is to spend time with us. The hardest two have been my best friend (who wasn't really even trying) and DH's brother (he has only known his wife for 2 years and only been married 1 1/2 and she's due in June). We have been ttc longer than they have even KNOWN each other. It's hard sometimes to balance the resentment and being happy for them.

I don't really share my struggles with anyone but my mom. No one can really relate and when I did try to share it just is frustrating. that's whey it's so great to have you guys! :bouncing: :D :)

D-I guess maybe part of the reason they don't share side effects is that everyone is so different they don't want to worry or get you started thinking it's going to be bad when it might not be. Who knows, I think dr.'s just like to have power!

Geez, you'd think I was a novel writer today. sorry :(

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