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Hi, still no AF so I am hopeful. I ovulated on day 14 of my cycle this month according to the ovulation sticks and I also tried that ovulation predictor with the saliva (have you tried that?). So I'm at day 30 today. It doesn't seem like my cycle is always 14 days after ovulation though so could still just be my irregularity going on. Still having some mild to moderate cramps through out the days. That's be going on since last Wednesday I think so about a week? Every once and awhile I will get a strong one and think, here it comes but so far so good.
I did stop at the other B&N yesterday and got the book, it is really interesting. I've only read probably the first 30 pages so haven't gotten too far yet. One interesting thing that is in there is about AF being delayed because of stressful events, it says that your body will delay ovulation if it is stressed but once ovulation has occurred, AF will come on schedule even if you have stress after you've ovulated. I thought it was interesting because you always wonder if you're stressing yourself out so much over thinking about whether or not you are pg that you're delaying AF. It also says that most women get AF between 12 to 16 days after ovulation but it can vary by person. But for the same woman, it's usually pretty consistantly within a day or two every cycle. Anyway, I'll let you know what I think after I've gotten a chance to look at the whole book but so far it has been really interesting.
You're thinking you'll be ovulating this week? Yes, you will be busy! ;-) Are you on Clomid this month or anything? Or just trying it naturally? It's always crazy around that time of the month because seems like you have to arrange everything around your sex life! :)
How was accupuncture? I think my mom tried that once for some neck pain she was having. Can't hurt to try, right??
It's raining here again, I think it's supposed to be cloudy for a few days now. Guess we had our 2 days of sunshine! :)
I think we probably have some good RE's in Mpls but I haven't looked yet. I will give Clomid a couple of months and then probably switch to an RE. One thing that I was looking at in that book is that a lot of OB/GYN's go through a lot of unnecessary tests that could be avoided if a woman charts everything and they go through that chart. I know my doctor never sat down to go through even my cycle calendar that I keep. I think they sometimes just want to try some stuff and see what works rather than doing better investigation up front.
Anyway, best go get some work done - hope your accupuncture went well! I'm glad we found each other on here - isn't that funny that we just happen to both be new posters at the same time! :)


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