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hi everyone

well it has been confirmed i am indeed pregnant and due in feb. i think i was in denial for 3 days. i asked the nurse, how can this happen, we have been together for 10 years no BC never been pregnant and now all of a sudden. . . she said "don't ever let anyone, even a doctor, ever tell you you cannot get pregnant. don't ever tell yourself it can't happen. the body does what it needs to do when its ready"
if not for the fact i could not afford it i would have been doing infertility testing/treatments starting about 2 years ago. but since i never had the extra money, we just figured if it happens it happens. so i want to encourage those in my situation, don't give up hope, i never thought it would happen to me. i did buy a book in january called 'taking charge of your fertility" and started keeping meticulous charts of my temps and other fertility signs and then tried to time sex with ovulation. i don't know if that is what helped or not, but it did keep me imformed about everything going on with my body. it is a very interesting and thorough book and also has info on testing and treatment. i had also been taking supplements (not perfectly consistent) but as much as i remembered, such as "evening primrose oil" flax seed oil, vitamin c(chewable) and a product my mom bought me called "Vitex" it had like 15 different herbs in it that i researched each and every one before taking it. most of the herbs were to help regulate cycles(it did to mine) lessen cramps(no chance) and help with infertility. like i said, i did not take these consistently so i do not know if it really helped. just thought i would share the info.
good luck to everyone. . .

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