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Okay, thank you ALL for your concerns and replies. This is how it all started. Sorry if it takes a long time for me to get through this:

I didnt start my first period until I was almost 18 years old. From the very 1st period, it was awful. The pain was soooo unbearable. I used to go through a bottle of advil and pamprin quick. I never thought anything about it because I was soo young. Well, a year later I turned up pregnant. I thought I was too young, not prepared, etc. so I had an abortion. Things got worse after that. By the time I was 21, I could barely walk when I got my periods and my lower back was hurting like ALL the time. I was also getting colds and flus alot. So I decided it was time to see a dr. It took a year to get dx'ed with endo. When I was 22 almost 23 I went in for an "exploratory" laproscopy. Results=I was covered in endo. It was on my tubes, ovaries, uterus, bladder, cervix and appendix. My right ovary was REAL bad. The surgery was only supposed to take 45 mins. but I was under for 3 1/2 hours cuz it was soooo bad. The surgeon said she could not get it all cuz there was some microscopic pieces that are impossible to get to. Well, I did okay for about 2 years. Then, same thing started happening. Only this time I was getting pains all the way up under my right rib cage. So I went in for another lap. The surgeon said there was nothing. That everything looked fine. I seen the Pics!!! Everything was nice and shiny and smooth. Well, here it is a year and a half after that surgery, and same thing. Only now, instead of my periods being sooo heavy, I BARELY GET THEM GOIN. They are usually brown/black and only last 3 days. And the week before my period is just awful. That is when my right side under my rib cage REALLY gets going. I also have not been able to concieve and me and my husband have been trying since I was 21. I am now 26 about to be 27!!! My 1st surgeon told me my best bet was to try to get preg. after my lupron therapy. I did 6 months of that. 6 months after that was over, we started trying. NOTHING. Every dr. I see wants to put me on birth control. Which does absolutely nothing for me but give me migranes. Or the dr. will say, you need to get pregnant. I am just sooo frustrated. I dont know what is happening to me.

ps(can adhesions cause pain/infertility from previous surgeries??)

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