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I had my transfer done 6/19-- 10 days later I got a + pregnancy test.

There's no overnight stay required for your retrieval. You basically just go to sleep and they take the eggs. I had mild cramping when I woke up, nothing terrible. The transfer is SUPER easy-- no anesthesia, and it takes approx 10-15 minutes. The wait after the transfer is the WORST part of the whole thing-- try to keep as busy as possible. And then waiting to see if your levels are doubling, very very tough wait.

Tips for intra muscular injections: ICE ICE ICE- for as long as you can take it, it helps. Also, my nurse told me to put the little bottle of Progesterone in your bra, it will bring it to your perfect body temperature and make it easier to draw & inject.

I had the biggest fear of needles and really didn't think we'd get through this, but its amazing what you can do when you really put your heart into it.
Hi girls!

I'm on top of the world today - doc told me last night I have 10 folicles on one ovary and 2 on the other - so at least i know the drugs have worked!! Stage One of my mission is complete!!

I have to continue the injections today and tomorrow and Wednesday evening I have a blood test and another ultrasound - all going well, retreival could be Friday or Saturday. Ooooh it's all happening so fast now!

cindy - heaps of luck for tomorrow and the transfer - how many will they transfer, and do you still have some 'on ice'??? Thinking of you and please, please let me know how it goes.

sherry - how far on are you now? How are you feeling generally? Nauseous at all? And is it a multiple pregnancy? (I'm dreaming of twins myself!) By the way I'm planning on watching the entire series of '24' on DVD right after the transfer!!!!

Sorry for all the questions but I'm sure you both understand!
Hi girls

Well I'm totally freaking out now!!! Rang the clinic to find out when to go in for blood test (expecting Monday or Tuesday - 14 days after ET) and they told me to come in on Saturday, only 12 days after ET. Surely this is too soon?

Obviously I'm pleased that the 2ww will be over but I dont want to be disappointed if it's too early for anything to show up. My doc says that with the blood test you can confirm a pregnancy after only 10 days - anyone else heard of that?

Hoppie - best of luck with this cycle. take it nice and easy over the summer and I'm sure everything will be fine.

Sadie - please dont worry about the injections. I am the worlds worst when it comes to needles and for the first couple of times I was going to my local pharmacist to get them done. It wasn't until he got really fed up with me that I decided to be brave and try it myself. After about half an hour in the bathroom I managed to do one and after that it really was a piece of cake. You'll wonder what all the fuss was about! Good luck.

cindy and sherry - how are you both coping? And how were the u/s?

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