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Oh Christine,

I am just sooooo sorry for the loss of Peepers. I am an animal freak and totally understand how very heartbreaking that can be. It is losing a member of your family. It sounds as if she went peacefully in her loving home - the one that you gave her and you should be proud of that. Boy, what is the story?!?! Both of our lives have gotten so darn stressful lately! :mad: Has AF come yet? How are you feeling? REALLY interested in hearing about that update!!! I have my fingers crossed for you. I also hope you get to keep that position you are liking. That is wonderful that you and DH have a bigger room - it can make a big difference. My gosh, you have had so much going on lately! Remember to be good to yourself!

The stress here has gotten pretty bad. I don't know if you might have read my other post about "needing advice" - I did it last week after the appt. with my dr. I went in stressed and came out worse!!!!!!!! :eek: I have been feeling way too down and exhausted and want to take a couple of months off, but my dr. is pushing for me to go full steam ahead with either another, heavier medicated IUI or move onto IVF!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I was flabbergasted and don't want to spend that kind of money when it could be wasted anyway if I am too tired. I am more confused now than ever and have a ton going on. DH and I are up to our eyeballs in dust for this construction and of course it is more expensive than we thought (something ALWAYS come up on these jobs). My FM is flared up and quite frankly I have just had it! :p Sorry to be a downer, I just don't know what to do at this point and that is a bad place to be in. I usually always have a plan of action! My gut is telling me to take off the rest of the year to try naturally, but my dr. seems to want me to get pg IMMEDIALTELY to solve my other problems. Can you imagine, pg as a treatment?! Only in my crazy life!!! :rolleyes:

You and I have both been so busy I know, but have you noticed how much the posting has dropped off lately? I barely got an answer on that other post and I have noticed that a lot of the new people posting in here are not getting answers either. Maybe everyone is getting pg!!! Maybe you're one of them :D. I would be sooooo thrilled for you! Baby dust coming up north!!!!!!!! I'll be thinking of ya! -Jan :wave:

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