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Wow!! That is great news for you!!! And I just read it now so you should have done the IUI by I am dying to know how it went for you!! :O) And I am so glad that you are "surging" on your own!! I know you guys will have a little one soon!! I can feel it!! And it is totally understandable that you would be going nuts....of course not truly nuts....just baby
Me on the other hand....hmmm not so sure symptoms seem sooooo much like AF......I had a really bad headache last night and a mild one today which is part of my PMS sooooooo....and I am truly scared to do a pg test today or tomorrow or the next day for that matter....what if I get a BFN....I am freaking!! And I started AF on the 19th of last month (June) so if I am usually a 31 day cycle...does that make it so that I am going to start on the 20th? And if I did calculate it wrong then that means if I do it today it might be too early so it will show negative know my philosophy and if it happens it happens....welll I REALLY want it to happen....for both of us!!!
My hubby and I start our one week holidays tomorrow evening and we are going to visit his sister and her family....they have a 1 week old (today!)son named Patrick and I can't wait to see if....although I feel kinda jealous...I know I shouldn't but just can't help it....I love kids, which I am sure you do too!! OHhh I am sooo excited for you Jan!! I can't wait till you let me long will it take?
Well I will definetly know...but I think I might wait till Saturday morning to maybe even wait till after the 20th to see if AF shows up, which I truly hope she doesn't!! :bouncing: But I will definetly let you know what's going on....I won't be close to a computer tho for quite a few days after tomorrow so have patience ....lmao...anyways have a great weekend and good luck.....

***Baby Dust***


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