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Well, I'll tell ya .... more and more posts have been out there about women who feel PMS symptoms in the early signs of you never know!! Add in your BDing on CD12 (not to mention the perfect CM) may just be good to go!!! I love your attitude about if it happens, it happens. I really do believe that is the most healthy approach to take. My DH and I were on that same page and then my AF visits became more and more painful and I had to have a lap in March only to find out that I have stage 3 endometriosis and the race is on!!! My doc skipped Clomid and is sending us right into the stims and IUI treatment plan. I went from calm to a regular ole nuerotic nut! :dizzy: Thank you for all your upbeat words. I think your positive attitude will ensure you baby success. Btw, what is the name of your PMS pills? Are you taking any prenatal vitamins? You can take them before - during-after a pregnancy...I just replaced my reg. vitamin with them. I cannot wait to hear if you are pg..let me know when you find out or if you get any new symptoms :confused: .....meanwhile get some sleep :yawn: ! Baby dust, baby dust, baby dust!!!

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