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Hey is true....and I hope it's early signs...but I just don't know, the cramps feel a lot like my pms cramps!!?? And thanks for the vote of confidence. The attitude I have is definetly a good thing to have....I just hope it happens soon!! :)
Although everytime my AF comes I can't help but get a little depressed tho but just have to move on....I sometimes wonder if there is something wrong but maybe it just hasn't been the right time!! And with you and what you are going through....I give you lots of are the one with the great attitude!! You are doing amazing...just remember to keep your chin up!! And I KNOW we will both get baby success soon! I can't wait for you to tell me you got a BFP! :bouncing:
The pills I am taking now are called PMS Formula that are for of course PMS symtoms like sore bb's, bloating, cramping, supposed to make you more regular, etc. It has Vitex, Dandelion Extract, Passion Flower Extract and Dong Quai. And I put the post up coz I don't know if the gas, cramps and other stuff is a side effect from the herbs or if it is really early signs of pg.....and I have no other symptoms, just the fact that my tummy feels a little tighter, no matter if I eat a lot or not, but I don't know, it might be because I have gained quite a bit of weight...could that be it??
I am now taking Folic Acid, wasn't actually taking it for pre-natal but bc my mom said that it was good to take coz it helps against heart disease....what other pre-natal vitamins can you take....and I didn't know it doesn't hurt the baby....that's good!!
anyways, I seem to be rambling sorry!! I do that alot! Anyways, I will keep you posted....and you have to keep me posted too!! I hope all goes well with you...which I know it will!! Take care and hope your having a great weekend!!

~~**Baby Dust*~~


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