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Re: Clomid?
Aug 8, 2004
There are other ways of treating LPD. Not just by Clomid. Does the doctor prescribe Clomid first? Why not natural progesterone cream? I wanna buy Dr. Lee's book and read about natural hormone therapy. When you to talk to your RE have you ever asked about the side effects of hormone therapy? About the risks later in life? I remember some woman was taking Clomid and had a problem with vision and she stopped taking it, she got pregnant after that. But i'm just concerned about the sides effects of the hormone therapy which are ingnored by a doctor and patient. I understand, it might be the only way to achieve pregnancy for alot of women.
Yesterday i found some info about Depo Provera shots for bc and it was so scary. Effect of depo on a woman is individual. I didn't know that Depo might cause even loss of vision and hair. Depo is a big hormonal shift, it's not like bc pills. That's why it's hard to get pregnant after that, often it takes years. I was on depo 2 years ago, got 3 shots and all i had is pain in my arms, legs, joints, weight gain, depression, was irritated, nervous. For lots of women Depo was and is a nightmare, i was lucky i didn't have severe side effects, i got my period back right away after i stopped getting shots.
When the doctors try to deny the connection between depo and the side effects of that the women get while being on depo it looks like they don't care about their health and it makes me so mad, when they say you stopped it and it'll be out of your system in 6 months. But it doesn't take 6 months , in general it takes up to 18 months, for some people up to 2-3 years and more. And even if we stop getting the shots and it's out of system but the depo leaves lots of problems for women to deal with, first of all hormonal imbalance. I wish i met a doctor who would just be honest and said to me:'I don't recommend it to you, even if FDA approved it." You know the doctors are not ignorant, they know that and have a good practice and experience , have lots of patients and know what the patients go through by using a certain drug , I mean they know the side effects of the drugs. Why can't they just do that? Or they may get some benefits from that.
I'm still waiting for the results of endo biopsy. I got my period yesterday and had sharp abdominal pain last night, couldn't sleep good. I usually don't get sharp pains during menses. I had biopsy done on Thursday, and was fine, no pain, just spotting 2 days, very little. Last night on Saturday i had sharp abdominal pain and I got my period yesterday in the evening, my cd1. I don't have pain now. Do you think I had it because of biopsy? Is it normal to have a pain during menses after biopsy.

I think so much about the hormone therapy and hesitate to call my RE and make an appointment, my first appointment. Is there some center of chinese medicine where i can get treated by herbs? I have to find out.

Good luck ladies

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