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If is motility improves then I guess we can conceive naturally. I'm not taking any fertility drugs. I use only natural progesterone cream and multi-vitamins. My dh started taking vitamins. We need to make our first appointment with re. We just got back from Niagara Falls, had great vacations.
I think if my dh's sperm motility increases and I don't have problems with my endocrine system then we can conceive without any drugs. I'm still waiting for biopsy results, the nurse is gonna call me back today.

Good luck to you
I'll keep you posted
I have a 3 years old daughter and we conceived her easily the very first cycle we ttc. it was 4 years ago. We conceived naturally. Then i had a tubal pregnancy 2 years ago and a miscarriage last summer. If i got pregnant it means his swimmers were ok then. I think my dh has gotten this problem recently, he had to work very hard lately. His job is mental job and btw he has a son, my ss, who is a very difficult teenager, and always gets on my dh's nerves.
I'm trying to be a peacemaker between them.
Shortly, i made an appoint. with my re, it's my first one.
If my bloodwork, biopsy, HSG came back normal then i hope my re won't prescribe any drugs for me, he will treat my dh's problem of low sperm motility.
i hope it will work.
Just a question.
I'm going to see my RE next week, it's my first appointment. As I said my dh's sperm motility is low, but the sperm count is normal, everything is normal except sperm motility. What do you think he will suggest to do?
Is he gonna say we need insemination or he will put my dh on the pills to boost his fertility?
I just wanna know if there are choices? Is it treatable with the drugs or not?

If anybody experienced this could you please reply to me?

Thanks in advance

Baby dust to all
I know that a man is fertile all the time unless there is some issue. I don't understand one thing. There are so many ways of treating male infertility. If a RE puts him on some kind of drugs to improve his sperm count, sperm motility, then it means it's treatable and he will be fine. If a woman has no problems or her infertility problems are solved, she is ready to conceive. So, it means they can conceive naturally.
Is it correct or not?
If my dh's sperm motility improves then we can try ttc naturally. Why not? Why do I need insemination if there is a chance to conceive naturally? If it doesn't work then maybe we'll think about IUI.
One of my friends is 37, she just got married and got pregnant right away , now she is ready for a second one, she is pregnant again for a second baby. I'm 37 too and had no problems of conceiving at the age of 33, I got my first baby the first cycle when we ttc. I think the contraseption I used messed up my system. My friend has never used bc.
I made an appointment with an acupuncturist. She is gonna treat my and my dh's infertility issues. I don't know what i have, so far i've been fine (HSG, biopsy, bloodwork), my dh has a little bit low sper, motility. Acupuncture treats sperm quality: count, motility... I need just to relax and acupuncture is great for that.
So I decided not to go to RE anymore. We've seen my RE just once. I'm going to use just the Chinese medicine.
Today we've found out that insurance didn't cover my visit to RE and we have to pay for that now. That's even great, I wasn't even going to use reproductive medicine. I just wanted to see what Re could suggest except for fertility drugs, insemination. The bad thing is we have to waste our $180 to pay for that one visit. Insurance won't cover acupuncture so we 'll have to pay for that.
So, I'm choosing my way of solving infertility issues. I hope everyone will get what they wanna get no matter which method they use. My 3 y o daughter says:"I can't wait to see my baby sister. Where is she?"

Good luck to me and all
I wish all women got the baby, it's the sweetest thing in the world.

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