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Generally about 14 days. If you had an HCG trigger shot, you really dont want to test any sooner or you could get a false positive. If you have not had the HCG trigger, you could try testing earlier but may not get an accurate reading. It just depends on how much HCG you have present (if you are pregnant) and how sensitive your test is. I believe First Response is the most sensitive, which is what you want.

Good Luck!!!! :-)
I agree with the previous posts - testing too early will may produce misleading results. I've had two IUI's and over a year of attempt with the "natural method". Not pregnant yet ... In my months of not being pregnant and hoping ever so much, i've found that some months i have no symptoms and some months i'm completely convinced i'm pregnant because of the symptoms i'm having. Unfortunately i think some of the normal PMS symptoms (very much like pregnancy symptoms) can be exagerated by the IUI meds (and ivf meds as well). I've asked my friends who have had babies about this - some report early symptoms and some report no symptoms at all until well after a positive test.

So ... don't get yourself worked up! Try to stay calm (belive me, i know it's hard!) Have patience and don't waste hopes & money on tests too early.

Good luck! Baby dust!

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