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Re: Chlomid
Aug 31, 2004

Did you have IUI because of your dh's sperm morphology? What about his sperm count and motility? Was it normal?
My dh's sperm motility is low a little bit. He started taking vitamins (E, A, C, B-complex, Zinc), ginseng energy tea with green tea. It's been 20 days since he started doing that. He eats very well, very healthy food, he is under my control :nono: . I don't know when his fertility improves. My biopsy and hsg came back normal.
Tomorrow we are going to meet our RE first time. Do you think he will put me on Clomid? I heard that hubby can be put on medications to boost his fertility, sperm motility. If it helps him do you think we can conceive naturally or I need to take some fertility drugs?
Today is 25th day of my cycle, my cycle is usually 28 days. I'm waiting for AF to come. I don't know yet if AF comes or not I mean if I'm pregnant or not. I need to wait.
Is there a chance to conceive naturally without any fertility treatment if my dh's sperm motility is a little bit low? If he starts taking some drugs by re's recommendation, is there a way to get pregnant after his sperm motility improves?
I'm eating alot of baby carrots every day, drink plenty of water, 1-2 cups of black and green tea and waiting if my AF comes back i'll start taking Robutissin to improve my cervical mucus. Doing Yoga sometimes....

Good luck to all
Re: Chlomid
Sep 1, 2004
Good afternoon!

S- Yes, I had IUI's & Clomid due to DH's morphology. His counts and motility are fine.
I know that when HE starts changing his diet, taking vitamins it takes up to 3 month for those changes to take effect in his troopers though. But..I've never heard that any of those vitamins/diets help improve morphology just count and motility.
I think that if you take fertility drugs will be up to you. I know that there are several women who take fertility meds even though it is the DH issue. This just helps make the job easier for DH troopers (By givinmg them more targets to aim for) Maybe your RE will recommend clomid, as it is the weakest/cheapest of the fertility drugs, but the decision to take the med will be up to and DH.
Yes! Anyone of us who suffer from male inferiltiy being low, slow or shaped wrong have a chance every month...just not as much of a chance if there wasn't a problem ;) Good luck on your journey!!!

L- I can't wait for your DH's results...hopefully all will be well and they will give you a treatment plan and a course of action.
When I first started IF treatment I too wanted to plan my such luck here..I'll just take what and When i can get from this point on!
It's good to hear that you have a good support network. Most of my support is from the boards. this and other boards as well. Without them I would be lost!

Talk to you all later,

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