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Sue, is the doc you're seeing a gyn? Do you have the ability to get a referral to a reproductive endocronologist? From my experience, the gyn can only take you so far and it's best to see an RE. If your doc is an RE and she didn't know what to do next, that would make me think you should find another RE because they should know what to do next, clomid is just the beginning. I would think that if you were able to get pregnant, the mucous probably isn't the problem. One way to totally bipass the mucous thing is with IUI (intrauterine insemination). I am on my second clomid + HCG Trigger + IUI. First one failed, in 2WW now on round two. Have you been monitored with ultrasound and blood tests while you take the clomid to determine how many follicles your producing and how thick your uterine lining is? It's my understanding that it's an important step in clomid cycles. Sometimes being on clomid for a long time makes the lining thinner and you need a nice lining for proper implantation. Just to give you some idea, my doc is doing three cycles of IUI with clomid + trigger HCG Shot, and then if three cycles of that fail, we move on to IVF. Another option for you might be injectible drugs if you aren't producing enough follicles on clomid.
Hope this info is helpful.
Good luck!

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